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Many anime characters have different work ethics. Some characters may be lazy despite ambitious goals, while others are extremely hardworking workers who will do anything to make their dreams come true sooner or later.

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However, some anime characters work harder than anyone else they know. From Azusa, who is constantly helping everyone despite trying to lead a slow life, to Yuri who is going through a grueling workout and training to master his skate routines, these anime characters have worked a lot harder than that most of the audience and fellow characters originally expected. They pushed themselves to overcome obstacles and, despite their difficult situations, never gave up in achieving their goals.

10 Azusa has solved a lot of problems and constantly helped others (I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years and I maxed my level)

Azusa kills a slime

After she died by self-labor for the first time in her previous life, Azusa died out I killed slimes found that after her reincarnation as a witch she led a less than ideal, slow life. After living peacefully as a witch for three hundred years thanks to her youth and immortality, Azusa had to solve many problems, including ending a long feud between two dragon clans, battling strong characters like Beelzebub and the demon king Pecora, and meeting two slime spirits who technically her daughters too, thanks to Azusa who previously killed so many slimes.

9 Kai Suwabara studied many cooking techniques and sought advice from his older mentor (Yakitate !! Japan)

Kai Suwabara Yakitate !!  Japan

Kai Suwabara was an extremely hard worker in Yakitat !! Japan. He was an excellent swordsman who used his skills to prototype bread shapes and grind ingredients to bake new types of bread. In addition to these manual skills, he also learned many cooking techniques and sought advice from his older mentor, who, despite his lack of baking knowledge, always gave Kai orientation and inspiration when he got stuck. This led Kai to create a range of “Lupan” breads using techniques and drawing inspiration from previous famous bakers and their products to create his own new ones.

8th Kotetsu Kaburagi juggles as a superhero and single parent (Tiger & Bunny)

kotetsu and kaede

Kotetsu constantly balanced being a superhero for Hero TV and being a single parent to Kaede. Unfortunately, Kotetsu found it more difficult being parents than being a hero due to his initially estranged relationship with his daughter after Kaede’s mother died in the hospital while Kotetsu was on a mission for Hero TV.

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The relationship got even more complicated when Kotetsu later found out that Kaede, similar to himself, had superpowers. The increasing fighting against Ouroboros, Kotetsu slowly lost his powers and dealing with the twist villain Maverick didn’t help. Father and daughter eventually reconciled after Kaede helped save Kotetsu’s fellow heroes from danger, and Kotetsu managed to achieve a better work-life balance while helping Kaede work on her own terms.

7th Joey Wheeler trained with Yugi’s grandfather and became a top duelist (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Joey Wheeler Yu Gi Oh

Joey was an initially inexperienced duelist who trained with Solomon, Yugi’s grandfather, to get better. After this training, Joey quickly got better as a duelist and fought tougher duelists like Mai Valentine, Bandit Keith and Seto Kaiba. When some of these duels resulted in initial losses, Joey insisted on learning and getting better. The effort paid off when he reached the finals after defeating Bandit Keith during the Duelist Kingdom Arc. He eventually got so good at dueling that Pegasus named him one of his top three duelists in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Series.

6th Hinako Joined Her School’s Theater Club and a Theater Troupe to Help With Social Anxiety (Hinako Note)

Hinako Sakuragi holds birds in Hinako notes

Hinako from the Slice of Life anime Hinako notice joined her school’s theater club and started their own theater group with friends to help overcome their social fears. In addition to these two activities, she also had to work in the café where she lived during her school days and do her regular schoolwork. Fortunately for Hinako, she made friends with her classmates, who were also part of the troupe and the club.

5 Glenn was constantly caring for monster patients wherever he went (Monster Girl Doctor)

monster musume doctor glenn wear skadi

As a doctor focused on caring for monster patients, Glenn often had his hands full filling up the clinic with his assistant Saphee, making house calls for monsters who couldn’t make appointments to his clinic, and even helping monsters who needed emergency treatment along the way, including the mermaid lulala and the meat golem kunai.

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Since he was one of the few monster-oriented doctors available to him, he was grateful to have Arachne as his second assistant at last. Despite the extra help, Glenn still had his hands full as a doctor.

4th Kohana overworked herself until she fell into a coma (Magic-Kyun! Renaissance)

Kohana from Magic Kyun Renaissance

Kohana out Magic Kyun! Renaissance, although she was specifically told not to use her Light of Arte when her sparkle started to look worse as she created flower arrangements, cut herself off from everyone else, and created more flower arrangements to try and get it back to normal. Unfortunately, this backfired for Kohana and resulted in her falling into a life-threatening coma. Fortunately, all of her friends and love interests worked together to save her life and restore her light of Arte to normal.

3 Kyoko Mogami worked hard to improve her acting and get ahead in showbiz (skip beat!)

Kyoko crushes Sho Fuwa in her hands while Ren stands next to her

Despite an initially poor start when she pissed off Ren Tsuruga and ended up in the Love Me section after failing her audition, Kyoko worked hard to improve her acting and advance in showbiz. Even before she started showbiz, it was initially announced that she was taking on multiple jobs to support herself and Sho Fuwa so he could focus on becoming famous.

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After putting aside her goals of revenge on singer Sho Fuwa and starting to focus on her own happiness and self-actualization, she grew as a person. She continued to work on various projects that she received as a Love Me member, and also earned a successful role as Mio in the drama “Dark Moon”.

2 Hestia went out of her way to provide for her family (is it wrong to try to keep girls in a dungeon !?)

Hestia gives a thumbs up

Hestia, although she initially had an extremely small and barely powerful familia, did everything possible to take care of herself and the rest of her familia. This included constantly taking part-time jobs to pay off debts for new armor and other supplies, always taking care of the safety of her familia, and asking favors from other gods to keep her familia afloat and safe. No matter how difficult it could be to get what her familia needed most, Hestia never gave up helping Bell and the other members.

1 Yuri was constantly exercising to improve his ice skating and nailing routines for competitions (Yuri !!! On Ice)

Juhu !!!  on ice S01E01

Yuri Katsuki out Juhu !!! on ice constantly trained under Victor’s guidance to improve his skating skills and master the routines Victor has choreographed for ice skating competitions. In the beginning, he struggled with mastering technical movements in early routines. However, after a lot of training and dedication to hard work, he achieved full mastery. He also trained outside of the rink by running up and down stairs, doing pull-ups and sit-ups, and even jogging to increase his stamina. Victor’s training program paid off when Yuri finally took the silver medal at the Grand Prix.

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