10 Craziest Recipes In Breath Of The Wild (That Actually Work)


Almost every Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The player has baked an apple, roasted mushrooms or a fish. Many have gone even further as the game offers a veritable hodgepodge of foods to search and cook for those interested, from hearty stews to sugary treats and even some things that hardly resemble a meal.

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Most if not all foods in breath of the wild have some roots in the real kitchen. While some are more edible than others, they can all provide a little inspiration for a curious cook looking to try something new. Even the most unusual dishes in breath of the wild could work in real life.

10 Plentiful fish skewers seem unlikely to work

A recipe that doesn’t work at first glance, a rich fish skewer requires the player to combine four or more different types of fish. While other, similar dishes exist for other types of food, fish is characterized by a variety of effects that would normally be contradictory.

A real life equivalent may seem easy enough at first, but care must be taken to ensure that all fish involved are strong enough. To achieve a similar arrangement to the in-game dish, a mix of bass, halibut, snapper, and yellowfin tuna, lightly seasoned with salt and lemon, might work well.

9 Hearty Durians provide instant full heals

Few things speak less of comfort than a sack full of big, hot durians. These heavy, hearty fruits manage to be one of the most efficient forms of healing available breath of the wildsince a single cooked durian restores all of Link’s hearts and even adds a few temporary ones.

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Despite its strong fragrance, durian is used in a variety of cuisines. While grilled durian meat is a thing, the fruit is rarely, if ever, roasted whole. A packful of these would quickly begin to ferment, creating a truly overpowering stench.

8th A Fairy Tonic provides mediocre healing

Fairy Tonic may at first conjure up images of melting fairies, but it is actually made from their dust as the fairy can fly away when the recipe is complete. While fairies can even revive Link from near-death, the tonic is pathetically mundane and just acts like regular food.

There are actually no fairies, but there are many culinary syrups. A simple syrup of sugar and water can be flavored with fruit juice and then mixed with ice for impromptu shaved ice, or made into bubble tea with tapioca and a little milk.

7 Energizing honey candies are an easy way to restore stamina

The idea that honey is sugar and sugar is candy is easy to grasp, but it is unusual to see such a simple recipe in it breath of the wildnot to mention one that restores some of Link’s stamina bar for the small cost of a single unit of Courser Bee Honey.

Sugar may be at the root of most sweets, but honey can be used for many as well. Given the basic recipe, Link’s Honey Drop is likely to taste similar to a nut brittle or Korean dalgona, perhaps with a little squeeze of lemon juice.

6 Rock Hard Food can be either the cheapest or the most expensive food in the game

Either one of the cheapest or most expensive meals in the game, Rock Hard Food can be made from any solid enough material that falls into a cooking pot. While a bunch of sticks can heal cheaply, a diamond could theoretically be used should Link somehow have too many.

While most stones and sticks don’t make an appetizing meal, loaves of bread made from bark date back several millennia, and salt is a ubiquitous spice around the world. Sugar crystals could be considered another rock-like food, especially when grown on sticks like a lollipop or formed into long candy sticks.

5 Shady foods can heal for surprisingly large amounts

One of the easiest foods to prepare breath of the wild, “dubious” food simply stems from a failed recipe. While most versions are fairly weak, a Plate of Dodgy Food that heals 12 hearts can be crafted by combining four Gourmet Raw Meats with a Giant Ancient Core.

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While any aspiring chef has no doubt created many examples, it’s harder to make something reminiscent of the 12-heart version. Steak slices cooked on the coals of a fire until the edges are lightly charred might make a good facsimile, all garnished with a sprinkling of salt and coarse black pepper.

4 Monster Cake is a mystery in more ways than one

Few recipes inside breath of the wild Use as many ingredients as one monster cake, with the player not only having to find and buy monster extract, but also tracking down Tabantha Wheat, Cane Sugar, Goat Butter, and a fifth ingredient of their choice, which determines the semi-random effects of the meal.

Cakes come in almost every flavor imaginable, but unfortunately the exact details of monster cakes are never given. Ube can turn food purple and is often used in baked goods, or you could experiment with adding unusual ingredients like a dash of Worcestershire sauce to the batter.

3 Clam chowder has a misleading name

The smart one may be wondering where to find clams in Hyrule, but it seems Link has decided to substitute her gastropod cousin, the river snail, in her place. The addition of wheat, goat butter and a bottle of fresh milk serves to create a dish that will restore around a dozen hearts.

While clam chowder may be better known, there are creamy snail soups, although they are a bit more complex than links to it. Vegetables abound, a hearty broth is a must, and few, if any, use snails in their shells in the dish anymore.

2 Creamy heart soup is worse than its ingredients

Intended to deepen the bonds of those who enjoy it together, this versatile soup consists of a hydromelon mixed with a voltfruit, a hearty radish and a dash of fresh milk. Despite its complexity, it manages to restore fewer hearts than the ingredients alone would.

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Watermelon soups are no strangers but are rarely served hot, let alone with radishes and milk. A simple melon soup can be made by blending watermelon, strawberries, and some lemon or lime juice in a blender. The addition of a garnish of chopped mint leaves can also be very refreshing.

1 Frozen whole bird is rock hard and raw

One of the most confusing meals in breath of the wild, Frozen Whole Bird is, as the name suggests, a whole raw bird frozen rock hard. Not only can Link still somehow eat this without breaking a tooth, it actually restores hearts and gives him heat resistance for a time.

While eating raw bird in any form is a bad idea in real life, other meats have been frozen rather than cooked in culinary traditions around the world. Reindeer and fish are two common examples, but akutaq offers a more complex dish of ground fat, meat, and berries.

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