10 foodies taking Instagram by storm


By N.Lohungbeni Humtsoe

New Delhi, September 10 (IANSlife): Foods that are sour, sour, sweet, bitter, covered in Indian tradition masalas and more are popular in India. With the advent of digital technology, no doubt we’ve all been guilty of mindlessly scrolling through and watching culinary videos on Instagram. One is no doubt compelled to get out of bed and head straight to the kitchen when one takes a look at the Instagram pages filled with delicious desserts and easy-to-prepare recipes. Here’s a list of 12 foodies, some of whom are professional writers, others bankers, etc., but all share a passion for food and post the tastiest social media photos of irresistible treats. Go ahead and follow them:

shivesh17 by Shivesh Bhatia

Self-taught baker, writer and content producer Shivesh is a 25-year-old with a huge following. He founded Bake with Shivesh in 2016, a website to interact with people by sharing delicious dessert recipes and his passion for baking. To date he has written two bestselling cookbooks, Bake With Shivesh and Shivesh Bhatia’s Desserts For Every Mood, in addition to developing recipes for FoodHall, Delmonte and Britania.

masterchefmom by Uma Raghuraman

If you like spicy and hearty South Indian cuisine, be sure to check out Uma Raghuraman’s Instagram account. The mother of two currently has 228,000 followers on Instagram and is a magician in the kitchen.

funfoodandfrolic by Hina Gujral

If you’ve ever thought about making Indian cuisine healthier, follow Hina and enjoy her colorful food. Learn how to cook with their recipes. When she’s not preparing food, Gujral, a bank clerk, enjoys reading and playing with her dogs in her free time.

cook_with_li by Lidang K

Lidang K has 36.6k Instagram followers with a bio that reads, “I measure by hand and cook by eye and the best way to teach you is to show you.” If you sign up for the If you are interested in Naga cuisine or have already tried it, her channel covers the entire process of preparing popular Naga dishes such as Bamboo Shoot Pork Curry and other simple Naga home cooking recipes. Lidang, a foodie, captioned one of her Instagram posts: “Nothing compares to a simple home cooked dinner. Pork with bamboo shoots, eromba, boiling cabbage, rice and fryums on my plate.”

Sailusfood by Sailaja Gudivada

From simple, leisurely Andhra food to a vegetarian Andhra Bhojanam, Sailaja has everything Andhra has to offer! If you live far from your hometown, Sailu’s Instagram feed will make you miss local food. She currently has 69.3k Instagram followers and describes herself as a passionate food blogger and photographer who also enjoys organic gardening.

veganricha by Richa Hingle

Are you a proponent of giving up animal products? Then there is Richa and you. Richa Hingle, who has 346,000 followers on Instagram, is a foodie who posts about anything plant-based, such as: “Vegan Chicken Florentine features soy curls simmered with fresh spinach in a creamy garlic cashew sauce, to… create a delicious and filling dish that tastes amazing on cauliflower steak, pasta, baked potatoes or as a sandwich filling! gluten free. Nut-free and soy-free options. She is also the author of Vegan Richa’s Instant PotTM Cookbook, which features 150 plant-based recipes from Indian cuisine and beyond. She also blogs at www.veganricha.com.

passionaboutbaking by Deeba Rajpal

Her Instagram name says it all, Deeba Rajpal is a keen baker as evidenced by her feed which is brimming with creams, colors and frostings. If you have a sweet tooth, Rajpal’s account is a one-stop shop for all things yummy.


Anushruti is a Mumbai-based culinary writer, photographer, recipe developer and nutritionist. She maintains the Divine Taste Blog where she promotes her cooking techniques based on traditional Ayurvedic and Sattvic cooking concepts and incorporates recipes from around the world using fresh, seasonal and local ingredients!

Whisk Affair by Neha Mathur

If you’re looking for a good cross section of Indian, American, Asian, Middle Eastern, European, Mexican and International cuisines and recipes from around the world, Neha Mathur’s 142,000 follower Instagram account shares detailed step-by-step instructions on making sure they get good every time; Join them on this culinary journey.

Food fashion party by Asha Shiv

Asha, a homemaker, discovered that cooking and eating for others gave her comfort after getting married and moving to the United States. As she entered a whole new world, food became her love, interest and something she craved every day. Her Foodfashionparty account has 140,000 followers and demonstrates her affinity for combining Indian spices with diverse cuisine in a trendy approach.


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