10 of our best plant-based gluten-free recipes from October 2021


Sometimes it can be a struggle to be plant-based and gluten-free. So here are ten recipes that will be both gluten-free and plant-based from October! They taste as good as they look.

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1. Quinoa and buckwheat pancakes

Vegan pancakes with quinoa and buckwheat

Source: Quinoa and Buckwheat Pancakes

These Aaron Calder quinoa and buckwheat pancakes are high-protein, gluten-free pancakes. A nutty taste and a great way to start the day.

2. Flourless chickpea brownies

Vegan chickpea brownies without flour

Source: Flourless Chickpea Brownies

These flourless chickpea brownies from Maggie Wescott are fudgy and full of delicious chocolate flavor. These high-protein brownies are a healthy dessert or snack anytime of the day! Chickpeas are a bean with a relatively neutral taste and when combined with all of the other ingredients there isn’t a hint of bean anywhere. These brownies are dense and fudgy, with the perfect amount of sweetness from maple syrup and dark chocolate.

3. Creamy pumpkin and sage soup

Vegan creamy pumpkin and sage soup

Source: Creamy Pumpkin and Sage Soup

This creamy pumpkin and sage soup from Kristen Genton is so hearty, creamy, flavorful, smooth, literally anything you can imagine in a soup to warm you up. Not to mention that it’s EXTREMELY easy. This soup takes about 15 minutes to make and that’s just because you have to sauté onions and puree the soup.

4. Healthy balsamic mushrooms

Vegan healthy balsamic mushrooms

Source: Healthy Balsamic Mushrooms

Searing mushrooms is great because it’s quick, easy, and so flavorful. Sure, these healthy balsamic mushrooms from Hannah Sunderani are as simple as they come. You only need 5 ingredients for these ultra-luscious and full-bodied healthy balsamic mushrooms. These mushrooms have an umami taste, are creamy and slightly spicy. It is ideal as a side dish or as a topping on toast and calming dishes such as baked potatoes and risotto.

5. Pumpkin puree sage risotto

Vegan pumpkin puree sage risotto

Source: Pumpkin Puree Sage Risotto

A creamy pumpkin puree sage risotto by Kristina Jug & Mitja Bezenšek is the perfect meal on a rainy day. Simple & gluten-free!

6. Carrot and ginger soup with a curry and raisin relish

Vegan carrot and ginger soup with a curry and raisin relish

Source: Carrot and Ginger Soup with a Curry and Raisin Relish

This carrot-ginger soup with curry-raisin relish by Zuzana Fajkusova and Nikki Lefler is vegan, gluten-free and suitable for everyone who eats both plant-based and raw vegan and of course everyone who just wants to eat healthier. The combination of carrots and ginger results in a pleasant combination in this filling soup – just the right indulgence in a cool autumn time.

7. Hemp Chocolate Chip Cookies

Vegan hemp chocolate chip cookies

Source: Hemp Chocolate Chip Cookies

What’s better than cookies that are crispy on the edge but soft and chewy on the inside? Especially when they are filled with melt-in-the-mouth dark chocolate chips and loaded with nutritious ingredients. The main players here are almond flour and hemp hearts and they are lightly sweetened with unrefined coconut sugar. Made with 8 simple ingredients, these Mitra Shirmohammadi hemp chocolate chip cookies take less than 30 minutes from start to finish! They’re also grain-free, vegan, paleo-free, and refined sugar free, but incredibly tasty and nutritious!

8. Apple and cinnamon pancakes

Vegan apple and cinnamon pancakes

Source: Apple Cinnamon Pancakes

These Apple Cinnamon Pancakes from Hayley Canning are the perfect pancakes for fall. They always get perfectly light and fluffy, you will love these healthy vegan pancakes!

9. Butternut squash bisque with roasted turmeric garbanzos

Vegan butternut squash bisque with roasted turmeric cherries

Source: Butternut Squash Bisque with Roasted Turmeric Garbanzos

Creamy butternut squash bisque with roasted chickpeas with turmeric and tahini is a simple and elegant dinner! Rachel Carr’s Butternut Squash Bisque with Roasted Turmeric Garbanzos is a healing mixed vegetable soup that is moisturizing, easy to digest, and quick to prepare.

10. Pumpkin bread

Vegan pumpkin bread

Source: Pumpkin Bread

This is one of those fall vegan recipes that repeats throughout October! This pumpkin bread from Robin Browne is super moist and not as dense as many gluten-free baked goods. The ingredients you need are likely already in your pantry or refrigerator. This gluten-free pumpkin bread is one for the books.

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