10 Salmon Myths It’s time you stopped believing


Most of the salmon you’ll find at your local grocery store is farm-raised, which is actually quite affordable compared to its wilder counterpart. “If you want to buy wild salmon (e.g. sockeye, coho, etc.) it can get more expensive,” the Tasting Table tells.

Salmon can seem expensive even out of season, but there are many purchasing options for this nutritious fish that can help you cut costs. “Keep an eye out for deals on salmon at the fish counter,” says Rima Kleiner, registered dietitian and nutritionist at dish on fish. “[I]If it is freshly caught fish that has not yet been frozen, you can stock it up inexpensively, wrap it individually in foil and store it in freezer bags.

Previously frozen and thawed salmon is a great option, as long as you buy and cook it within two nights, Kleiner said. Or you can just go straight to the freezer or canned aisles, which sometimes offer cheaper salmon. “Frozen salmon is frozen at its peak, so it’s as nutritious as freshly caught salmon,” Kleiner said. “And canned or bagged salmon is affordable, delicious, and as nutritious as fresh and frozen…since it’s already cooked, canned and poached salmon is a super convenient protein!”


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