25 easy funfetti recipes for every occasion


This Funfetti Recipes make special occasions extra Special!

From brownies and cookies to popsicles and ice cream, they bring fun to Funfetti.

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A piece of sweet funfetti cake

Cakes, cookies, and baked treats are delicious just the way they are. But why not make them magical and add sprinkles?!

It’s an easy way to turn a plain old cake into something Insta-worthy.

And no, these funfetti recipes aren’t just for kids—although of course they’ll love them!

Everyone will take seconds when they see these bright, tasty and colorful candies.

What is Funfetti?

Funfetti is a generic term for colorful baked goods. A portmanteau of the words “fun” and “confetti,” the effect is achieved by adding rainbow sprinkles to cake batter or cookie dough. To be considered a funfetti, the sprinkles must be in the main part of the dessert, not just on top.

It’s become such a hit that even famous bakers have created their own funfetti treats, including Martha Stewart and Christina Tosi.

If you’re interested in giving this trend a twist, browse this recipe roundup for ideas!

The 25 Best Funfetti Recipes

This recipe makes raw but perfectly edible cookie dough. After all, why wait for cookies to be baked when they taste amazing like dough?

I’ve always eaten cookie dough, but I know the dangers (possible). That’s why this edible cookie dough is such a lifesaver!

You get the same awesome taste and texture without the pesky raw eggs!

And the sprinkles just make it more fun.

Your kids will look forward to waking up to these funfetti pancakes on the table!

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Not only are these flapjacks big and fluffy, they’re adorable too.

Better yet, you can use any recipe you like—including a boxed mix! Just add sprinkles and pan fry as usual.

A word or warning: Don’t add the sprinkles until you’re ready to cook the batter. The longer the sprinkles sit, the more the color runs.

These psychedelic cookie bars are nearly too cute to eat! But they are too tasty not to.

They’re soft, chewy, and wonderfully cute!

If you’re throwing a rainbow or unicorn themed party, these cookie bars are perfect. Not only do they fit the theme perfectly, but they are also super easy.

All you need here is a funfetti cake mix and basic pantry ingredients.

This cheesecake is smooth and creamy but full of vibrant rainbow sprinkles crunch!

It’s an easy way to turn a classic dessert into a birthday cake.

Also, if you’re not that crazy about one-dimensional textures, this recipe is a must-try.

Aside from the pop of color, the sprinkles add a crunchy textural contrast to the cheesecake that everyone will love.

These brownies aren’t brown, but they’re still wonderfully fudgy and chocolatey.

The secret is a combination of funfetti cake mix and white chocolate chips.

Together they make chewy and decadent bars that rival the traditional brownie.

Being healthy doesn’t have to be boring! So if you’re trying to encourage your kids like granola bars, this recipe has your name on it.

You still have the same nutritious granola elements, from the oatmeal to the nuts and everything in between.

The only difference is that you add funfetti cake mix and sprinkles to the mixture.

Sure, it’ll add a few extra calories, but it’s still way healthier than chips!

If you’re the type who eats the frosting more than the cake, you have to have this cake batter dip.

Made with cream cheese, whipped cream, funfetti cake mix, and sprinkles, it tastes just like buttercream.

Serve with sweet dippers like cookies, vanilla wafers, and graham crackers. Better yet, just grab a spoon and lick.

Hello hobby bakers! Think you’re skilled enough to bake a cake from scratch?

Why not test your baking skills with this funfetti cake recipe?

Here you have to do everything yourself, from baking the cake to making the icing, assembling and decorating.

But don’t worry, it’s actually a lot easier than you think.

Plus, just look at the finished product – this amazing funfetti cake is more than worth it.

As delicious as banana bread is, it’s not exactly festive. But rainbow sprinkles are an easy fix.

So next time you make a batch, add sprinkles and watch everyone fall in love.

This banana bread has the same flavor and texture profile but is slightly sweeter and much more vibrant.

These fudge squares are soft, chewy, and oh so pretty.

Sweetened with white chocolate chips, sprinkles, and condensed milk, it’s definitely a sweet tooth’s dream dessert.

Rice Krispie Treats are that sweet snack you make up when you can’t afford to screw things up.

This recipe is so embarrassingly simple that you only need to combine four ingredients in one bowl.

With marshmallows, rice krispies, fruity pebbles, and butter, you literally can’t go wrong!

Yes, it’s possible for a funfetti dessert to be healthy — and this homemade popsicle is proof.

Made with Greek yogurt, milk, honey and sprinkles, they’re creamy, crunchy, sweet and refreshingly delicious.

Awaken your inner child with these delicious Funfetti Cookies!

Between the brown buttery dough and the rainbow sprinkles, they will melt in your mouth with a fabulous taste.

Could these funfetti cupcakes be any cuter? They’re just what you need when throwing a slumber party!

Soft and fluffy vanilla cupcakes sprinkled with rainbow sprinkles and topped with silky buttercream frosting are as delicious as they sound.

Kids will rave about these cupcakes so much their parents will beg you for the recipe.

Curious to see if mug cake recipes actually work? Start with this!

Surprisingly light and fluffy, it offers classic cake flavors that hit the mark.

Best served warm, it makes a great single-serving treat.

If you prefer to drink your dessert, I present you this cake batter milkshake!

A concoction of vanilla ice cream, milk, cake mix, and sprinkles, this is likely to be the thickest, most decadent milkshake you’ll ever have.

Take it to another level with whipped cream, more sprinkles, and maraschino cherries. Delicious!

If you want to serve something different with your mid-morning tea or coffee, try these fun and colorful Funfetti Biscotti!

Loaded with rainbow sprinkles and drizzled with white chocolate, these cookies are begging to be shared.

You’re probably wondering what the heck nachos are doing in this list, but listen to me.

This recipe turns the savory snack into a sweet treat you’ll never forget.

With crunchy cookie nachos as a base, fluffy meringue in the middle, and sweet strawberries and chocolate chips on top, they’re absolutely to die for.

Make breakfast the best part of your kids’ day with these delicious Funfetti Waffles!

Just the sight of these bright and colorful treats is enough to make me smile. And they taste even better than they look!

Garnish with whipped cream and more sprinkles and enjoy.

These funfetti shortbread bites are incredibly addictive.

Don’t even try to resist these soft, buttery, melt-in-the-mouth morsels – trust me, all efforts will be in vain.

With a mix of cream cheese, powdered sugar, funfetti cake mix, and butter, this cheese ball is one hell of a party treat.

Serve with biscuits, fruit and graham crackers. Delicious!

A fun mix of milk, cream, white chocolate and vanilla, the base for this ice cream is super tasty.

Throw in rainbow sprinkles and it just gets better.

As a bonus, this recipe requires no buttering or an ice machine! Instead, just pop it in the freezer and it’ll be ready for you the next day.

Get moving Oreos, these cookie sandwiches are ten times tastier.

Two crunchy cookies filled with rich and creamy buttercream frosting…need I say more?

Oh yeah, and the sides are rolled with rainbow sprinkles for the perfect finishing touch.

Add color and excitement to the traditional sponge cake with a sweet vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles!

If you’re looking for a birthday cake recipe that doesn’t require decorating skills, this recipe is for you.

Simply pour the icing over the cake and sprinkle with sprinkles. How easy is that?

These donuts are soft and fluffy with a rich glaze and crunchy topping.

Don’t worry, if you’re not a pro at baking bread, you don’t have to be.

This recipe makes cake-like donuts, which means no dough to knead, roll, or rise!

You are welcome!

Funfetti Recipes

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