26 creative protein recipes from muesli to cocktails


Imagine this: you are in your kitchen and ready to prepare a new exciting recipe, maybe a silky carbonaraor a hot new one banana bread. The recipe only calls for yolks, so break the eggs open and separate the whites and yolks (maybe using the water bottle mince to suck the yolk in?). You keep cooking and your recipe is a success, hooray! What’s not great is the leftover egg whites sitting all by themselves on your counter. do you throw it away Or save it and banish it to the back of your fridge indefinitely? We have a better idea – ditch the food waste and use it to make one of our 26 creative protein recipes instead.

While yolks add fat and flavor to a recipe, egg whites in general are all about VOLUME. That means they’re great for making the fluffiest ones pancakes or Meringue Cake Toppingbut also for lighting cake and Brownies. They also help crunchy biscuits, like pigoli or shortbread, achieve the perfect crunchy pop when you bite into it. Egg whites can also be used to hold things together, like in ours Keto Granola or ours Homemade granola bars. Without the yolk, you can bake the nuts, seeds, and oatmeal in the oven without fear of your granola being served with scrambled eggs on the side.

We even like to use them for classic cocktails like ours gin fizz or Whiskey Sour. You could just mix whiskey and sour mix or gin and soda, but if you want to go beyond that and really impress, consider adding an egg white. Sounds finicky, but you can pour the egg whites straight into your shaker and voila – the perfect frothy sipper.

Want all the magic of egg whites without the egg? To attempt Aquafaba! Do you want more eggs in your life in general? Check out our favourite eggs recipes for every meal.


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