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3 cheeky favourites

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I recently wrote an article on how to make a proper roux. A roux is simply equal parts fat and flour, cooked slowly to flavor and thicken food.

Here’s what each stage of a roux is used for and how to make them

Now that you know the story and Roux 101, let’s have some fun with Roux!

Here are my top 3 Roux based recipes

#1 Roux-based Recipe: Gravy

All sauces, but I have to say the chicken and turkey sauce with drippings is my favorite. Here’s an easy chicken sauce from: I Heart Recipes on YouTube

Homemade mac and cheeseBy writer T. Imani

#2 Roux-Based Recipe: Macaroni and Cheese

My gorgeous macaroni and cheese where I use a roux to make my creamy and cheesy mornay sauce. The article explains how I modified The Baked Macaroni and Cheese recipe from The Kitchn to make my family my darling.

#3 Roux-Based Recipe: Pot Pie

I like chicken or turkey pie, and here’s a quick and fancy shortcut:

  • Make a traditional pot pie filling
  • Top with puff pastry, follow directions and enjoy a hearty and heavenly dish with a flavorful and fluffy twist

Here’s a great recipe from Wide Open Eats, but instead of using store-bought pie crust, use puff pastry and skip the bottom layer. Once you try the puff pastry version, you won’t go back.

Chicken pot pie

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