3 things missing from the Battle Creek, MI restaurant scene


Despite the constant ebb and flow of the local dining scene, there’s no shortage of restaurants when it comes to dining in Southwest Michigan. Battle Creek in particular offers everything from amazing Mexican food at Torti Taco to monstrous American cuisine at Arlene’s Truck Stop, you’re sure to find something to suit everyone.

However, when it comes to variety in Battle Creek, what do you think is missing from the city’s dining scene? That’s what a local, Jason Piper, wants to know!

Jason recently posted the question on a local Facebook group,

What is something (not a chain) that Battle Creek needs in a restaurant?

A loaded question – that’s for sure! I also wonder why Jason is asking. Is he perhaps considering venturing into the restaurant game and sensing the local reaction? Here are some responses that Battle Creek residents have shared:

Steak house

One of the most popular responses from Battle Creek guests was the lack of a top notch steakhouse – and I wholeheartedly agree! Says Amy Diana Moore,

Good family steakhouse affordable. We’re going to Kalamazoo.

Tina Elkins Dunks added: “Quality Steakhouse!! Quality is the key.”

Family-friendly restaurants

Choosing a restaurant can be hard enough, but that decision can be made even harder when it comes to picky eaters! There seems to be a lack of menu variety at kid-friendly, large family-friendly restaurants. Says Alyssia Coulter

I’m voting for more family-friendly places. Peter Piper Pizza was iconic and I miss it so much. i want it back

Dana Starks took it a step further, adding, “Family style restaurants. (Large format dining) Large platters of food placed in the center of the table for all to share and taste.”

Middle Eastern/Ethnic Food

Battle Creek definitely has the Mexican food scene covered, but what about elsewhere in the world. Christopher M. Douglas, known for his vegetarian, health-conscious cuisine, commented:

A good place in the middle east might be good. Sultans up in East Lansing used to have large platters that served multiple people and they had meat and vegetarian options

Jessica Elliot adds, “I would say more ethnic foods. Vegan/vegetarian would be nice too. I miss a good salad bar!”

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What would you like to see in Battle Creek’s local dining scene?

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