34 Best Coffee Desserts – Easy coffee dessert recipes


Coffee and dessert might not seem like the most natural pairing, but we promise, they’re a match made in heaven. Whether you’re looking for a late night after-dinner boost, a way to make your chocolate desserts extra decadent, or just want more Kahlúa in your life, these 34 coffee-infused desserts are for you!

One of our key not-so-secret ingredients in the Delish test kitchen has to be instant coffee granules. We use them here (along with espresso powder and instant coffee) to make our chocolate desserts EXTRA rich and moist. In the end, they don’t taste like coffee, but have a mysterious extra that makes you and your guests want more. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite recipes here, like our chewy chocolate chip cookies and crunchy brownies, but you can try adding a teaspoon to any of our countless chocolate desserts to see what we mean!

Or skip adding yourself and let a coffee liqueur like Kahlúa do the work for you. It’s hard not to love a recipe that doubles as dessert and cocktail like our Kahlúa Cupcakes or Mudslide Ice Cream. We also have some classic cocktails, like the OG Mudslide or a White Russian, to enjoy as an after-dinner aperitif or for an extra wet brunch.

dessert for breakfast? No judgment from us! Try an extra sweet Dalgona coffee (or martini) or whip up some frappuccino pancakes. You could even make a coffee cake – while traditionally it’s only called that because it’s meant to be served with coffee, we sneaked a little bit into our Baileys and Banana Bread Coffee Cakes for fun.

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