5 Best Investing Apps for Beginners


BBeing a beginner in investing can be overwhelming at times, especially when you don’t know where to start. Fortunately, with the advent of smartphones and apps, learning how to invest and staying on top of your investments is easier than ever before and is proving increasingly important as markets become more democratized and accessible to all. Here are some of the best investing apps to download if you are new to investing and want to up your game:

1. Best for learning while investing: hideout

If you want to learn about investing and investing at the same time, Stash is the app for you. Stash is a great app for beginners as it offers educational content and games that make learning about investing and other financial literacy topics fun and easy. In addition to learning, Stash offers recommendations for building a portfolio and allows you to invest at a minimum of $5 with minimal fees and offers a wide range of investment options and visualization tools.

You can download the app here:

2. Best for learning through games: investment

Invstr is a fan favorite among novice investors as it teaches users various aspects of investing through its gameplay. The game gives users a million dollars worth of counterfeit money to “invest” in the market. This helps users get a feel for investing and managing a portfolio before real money is at stake. In addition, the app offers real cash prizes and a great community, a news feed and an educational section where users can learn more about different investing conditions, tactics and styles.

You can download the app here:

3. Best for a head start: Green light

Greenlight is a grant and debit card app for kids. The app also offers a wide range of educational content focused on financial education and trading. Through this content, kids can have access to Morningstar analyst notes and instructional videos to help them learn more about investing. With parental consent, kids can also trade stocks in the app from $7.98 per month.

You can download the app here:

4. Best for learning through community and entertainment: Qooore

Qoore is an app designed to make trading less complicated by presenting financial educational content in the form of a social media app. You can swipe through the app to learn more about specific stocks, get real-time stock information, and discover new content through recommendations like financial literacy podcasts. You can also tap a heart to “like” a stock, take quizzes to test your knowledge of investing, and join discussions about stocks on Qooore’s Discord server.

You can download the app here:

5. Best for Understanding the Markets: Nasdaq Markets

Not to mention our new Nasdaq Markets app, which offers a quick and detailed overview of the markets. Find real-time stock quotes, forward-looking news and insights, in-depth company profiles and market data on indices, funds, cryptocurrencies and more. With a wide variety of content in the app, you’re better placed to understand current market trends and keep track of your interesting stocks, indices, and ETFs.

You can download the app here:

While investing can be a great tool for financial stability and success, it is important that you have a sound education before investing your money in the market and that you avoid treating investing like gambling. Instead, understand that there is much to be gained by educating yourself about your stocks and other interesting investments before you buy. These apps are all a great start to a successful investing journey, and you can even use a mix of a few to really reap the benefits when learning about investing.

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