5 Desi Cheese Stuffed Recipes to Boost Snack Time


It’s always a good time to nibble on some cheese, right? It’s that one versatile food that can be mixed with a variety of dishes and enjoyed in many forms. And nothing can really beat the magic and flavor of a delicious, cheesy, and desi snack. But does cheese go well with Indian snacks? Our answer is a resounding “Yes!” All you need is a guide and simple recipes that will help you prepare a delicious dish. We have made a list of five Desi cheese snacks that you can easily make at home and enjoy with your family.

Everyone loves the taste of cheese

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1) Cheese Onion Bhajiya

We grew up enjoying delicious bhajiyas with our steaming hot cup of chai. Nothing beats the joy of savoring these deep fried donuts that carry the goodness of onions. However, would you like to give it a delicious twist? Trust cheese to do this job for you. Try it today with your evening cup of coffee. Check out the recipe here.

2) cheese pakoda

Imagine enjoying pakodas which are crispy and brown on the outside and soft and cheesy on the inside. The mere description is enough to make you slurp, right? So next time you decide to treat yourself pakodas, don’t forget to add some cheese along with other ingredients. Here is the recipe.

3) Potato Cheese Shots

Yes, this recipe will surely tickle your taste buds. This dish hardly takes a few minutes to prepare. This can also be your favorite last-minute gathering snack. Prepare to garner compliments on this one. See the recipe here.

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4) Crispy Cheesy Pav

This one food has the potential to impress. Whether it is together with vada to make vada pav or with tasty bhaji To create Pav Bhaji, this is a combination that cannot go wrong. All you have to do is prepare a creamy vegetable and cheese filling and fill the pav with it. Add some cheese and garnish with herbs and you’re good to go. Check out the recipe here.


Cheesy Pav can be a delicious snack

5) Cheese Pani Puri

Who doesn’t like to spoil themselves with delicious Pani Puri? This delicious dish will always be our absolute favorite when we want to enjoy Desi meals like chaat. But if you want to add a cheesy touch to your pani puri, you can do that too. Make a delicious filling with vegetables, sauces and spices and stuff them in your puris. Sprinkle with lots of cheese and enjoy. Here is the recipe.

Try these dishes this weekend and enjoy a cheesy fiesta.


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