5 Egg Toast Recipes for a Delicious Breakfast – French Toast, Gypsy Toast and more


Let’s admit, whenever we want something easy to prepare, delicious and nutritious breakfast, eggs come to the rescue. Whether as scrambled eggs or as an omelet in different variations, boiled eggs, poached and more – eggs are a must for the breakfast table. While all of these recipes are classics and loved by all, a little experimentation never hurt anyone; Is not it? If you’re someone who’s always adventurous but doesn’t have much time to invest in the morning, we have something to get you excited. Yes, you heard us right! Here we bring you a list of 5 egg toast recipes that you can try for breakfast. These recipes call for very simple ingredients and are ready in just 10 minutes. French Toast, Gypsy Toast and more, trust us, once you try these recipes you will make them again and again. So let’s start.

Here is a list of 5 egg toast recipes that you must try:

Our recommendations

1. Cheese Egg Toast

Let’s start with our favourite. Spicy omelette spread on toasted bread – egg toast is simply irresistible. To make it even more delicious for everyone, we’ve found a cheesy egg toast recipe that can be made in just 5 minutes. You wonder how? Click here.

2. Gypsy Egg Toast

Do you like experimenting with the recipes? This one is a must! Here we bring you the Desi style gypsy toast recipe that can be a delicious addition to your unique egg based breakfast recipes. You can find the recipe here.

3. French Toast

Next is a crowd favorite recipe. A little twist on classic French toast with the spices can make for a tempting affair. We have an outstanding Masala Cheese French Toast recipe that’s easy, quick and too delicious to resist! Click here for the recipe.

Other recipes you must try

4. Egg in a blanket

A super delicious American-style egg recipe to make your usual old breakfast toast fun and whimsical. Sprinkle some spices, herbs or cheese on top and enjoy! For the full recipe click here.

5. Egg in a hole

Another unique recipe to try. An egg in a hole is a neat way to attach your fried egg. Simply cut the bread into a circle, place it on a pan, crack the eggs between the circles, season and you’re done. Yes, it’s that simple. For the full recipe, click here.

egg in the hole

You can find more breakfast recipes here.

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Do try these recipes and let us know how you liked them in the comments section below.


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