6 summery pasta recipes with seasonal products



We are in the middle of summer when corn, tomatoes, eggplant and summer squash are plentiful and at their best. Combine seasonal produce with pasta and you get a tasty and filling dish Dish that will give you the energy you need for all your favorite summer activities. Here are six recipes that do just that, and you can always browse the recipe finder for more ideas.

Fusilli with corn sauce, Above. The creaminess of this summery pasta recipe doesn’t come from dairy, but from grating part of the corn to pull out its delicious milky pulp. “A little spicy pecorino cheese, fresh basil, salt and pepper, and you have a summery sauce that nestles in the nooks and crannies of curly pasta,” writes food editor Joe Yonan.

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Summery tomato and basil pasta with pine nut sauce. This recipe, adapted from Amy Chaplin’s Whole Food Cooking Every Day (Artisan, 2019), is based on the philosophy “that cooking with ingredients that are as natural as possible can be inspiring and nourishing,” writes Yonan, which I think everyone should subscribe when it comes to tomatoes in peak season.

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Fried lemon shrimp and zucchini with noodles. Turn just a handful of ingredients into your tonight dinner with this healthy recipe from former Nourish columnist Stephanie Witt Sedgwick.

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Pasta with Italian sausage, tomato and eggplant. This one-pot recipe features pasta cooked in a tomato, eggplant, and sausage sauce. Hot Italian sausage adds a nice spice kick, or you could use sweet sausage for a milder dish.

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Baked Feta Pasta. Remember this recipe that seemingly took the world by storm last winter? I wrote at the time that it was worth the hype and I think this dish gets even tastier with peak season tomatoes.

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Italian pan with sausage, pumpkin and pasta. If you’re a home grower or part of a CSA, you might be overrun with summer squash right now. Whether that’s your case or you’re just looking for a quick weeknight meal, here’s an adaptable pasta pan recipe to keep in your back pocket.


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