6 Vibing Playlists To Spin This Summer When Your Beats Are Flatlining


Our glorious Australian summer is here, and while this year’s summer will be a bit of a La Niña, those sunny breaks between rains just get so much sweeter, right ?! And we all know that music can mark an occasion; If you discover a new playlist that you simply vibrate to in the sun when you repeat, that is the sign of a good summer.

But if you’ve gotten into some playlist funk lately, we hear you out. Often times it feels like the old algorithm hooks up and serves you the same beats when it is repeated. In order to avoid a playlist flatliner, we have agreed. teamed up Tidal Artesian Seltzer—Australia’s new and naturally brewed seltzer — to ask some members of our Urban List team to let them know what they’re making.

And if you’re looking for a fresh sip to fresh beats, be sure to put your hands around a can of Tidal. Brewed on the Mornington Peninsula, it’s a refreshing, low-calorie sip that practically screams for summer – choose from three mixed berries, lime and yuzu and get a 10% discount with our exclusive Urban List discount with ‘Tides10“When shopping online.

Pasta mom

Would you like to have a plate of fresh pasta while enjoying an idyllic seaside holiday in Italy? The same applies here. Unfortunately we can’t really help you with that, but what we can serve is Pasta mom, a delightful throwback to the Italian vibes of yesteryear from Melbourne flavor maker Jenna Holmes – aka Plant Mama. The second best after the original – if you close your eyes and float away – this playlist is bursting with feel-good originals like “Mambo Italiano” by Dean Martin, “Luck Be A Lady” by Frank Sinatra and “I’ve Got A Frau ‘ by Ray Charles. Whip up a feast, crack open an artesian tidal seltzer and let the vacay vibes ensue.

“It’s impossible not to be happy when this playlist takes over the voice – it awakens something. Turn this up on a warm summer night, invite your friends and get messy in the kitchen. ”- Elise, Customer Experience Manager.

Human again

We love a playlist with a story behind it and this one takes the cake. To help London weather the dark ages of Covid, Joy Anonymous – the creative duo of Australian-born Londoner Henry Counsell and Louis Curran – began throwing impromptu parties down by the Thames. The result? Pure euphoria with people who let off steam in a mix of soul, funk and pop. To capture the zeitgeist appropriately, you should definitely give Human again a spin about the summer.

“Some amazing music came from the lockdown era and this Joy Anonymous playlist is one of my favorites. Born from a series of impromptu parties on the South Bank, London and produced by the self-described ‘Pied Pied Pies of Lockdown’, it’s happy, uplifting, vibey and once again introducing me to some new favorite artists like Fred. – Sammy, Sydney editor

The series

If you don’t know Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen’s fashion label The Row, maybe it is time to get to know each other – and what better way to do it than the intimacy of your ears. Reflecting the label’s effortlessly chic aesthetic, monthly playlists are packed with timeless summer retrospectives and an uncompromising attitude from Talking Heads, Billy Idol, Deux and Bananarama.

“The Row’s monthly playlists are my first choice when I need to be really creative. There are some all-star hits mixed in with things I would normally never stumble upon. ”- Sophia, Head of Brand Experience.

Flex mommy bops

When it comes to credibility behind the decks, you can’t go wrong with writer, DJ, TV host, podcaster, and all-round legend Flex Mami. With her playful, but impressively adept approach to everything, she reflects the current zeitgeist of millennials and undoubtedly has her finger on the pulse of the time – and its constantly growing Flex Mommy Bops playlist is no different. 711 songs deep and counting, expect fresh but varied beats from Doja Cat, Jungle and Tkay Maidza and The Weekend.

“This playlist takes you on a journey. Sing your lungs out, howl your eyes and twerk your ass off. ”- Rojan, Customer Experience Manager.

Lean Back from Deafen County

While this playlist is firmly at the chilled end of the vibe scale, the name certainly says it all. Billed as the best new ambient, lo-fi pop, soul, folk and chill sounds from Australia and around the world, Recline is the epitome of a carefree summer day. Find a hammock, rocking chair, picnic blanket or beanbag to wrap you around and feel blissful between your ears – with Alice Sky, FKA Twigs, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Ruti, to name a few.

“It’s a good piece of sound to accompany summer, lounging on the beach or summer on the street. Relaxed, feel good, relax. ”- Kylie, Client Experience Director


If beloved online radio station Poolsuite.FM has an impact in summer, when the mercury starts to rise, the accompanying beats should be served chilled. Formerly known as Pool side.FM, this carefully curated “cool ection” of songs is a digital retro oasis that combines the best easy listening tracks of the 80s with party vibes by the pool. Perfectly paired with a Tidal Artesian Seltzer, make sure you add this to your summer spin list, stat.

“It couldn’t be more summery than Poolsuite.FM. Vibes activated immediately. ”- Elise, Head of Customer Experience.

Are you dreaming of your summer break? We also. Make this summer your best yet with the freshest beats paired with the freshest swing – Tidal Artesian Seltzer. Every drop of water used to make Tidal Seltzer comes from St Andrews Beach Brewery’s own artesian aquifer. Filtered and stored between layers of sand and limestone, the natural filtering and storage process produces pure and natural water, which makes Tidal a seltzer like no other.

Editor’s note: This article was written in collaboration with. created Tidal Artesian Seltzer. Thank you for the support of the partners who make Urban List possible. To read our editorial guidelines, click here.

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