A Scottish newspaper reported on Euro 2020. I supported Italy against England


The daily called the whole of the UK just before the European Championship final and even from the Italian team.

« Save us Roberto, you are our last hope It is in this ironic way that The National, one of Scotland’s leading newspapers, turned to Italian football coach Roberto Mancini. So the latter for a photo montage instead of William Wallace, the historical hero of Scottish independence Here goes, in this case in the film Braveheart. For the daily, which does not hide its desire for a UK explosion, it is imperative that Italy completely defeat its eternal enemies: the very proud English. A sometimes strange appeal that went viral quickly and triggered reactions in Italy.

Great Britain splintered, Italy flattered

In the subtitles, Daily does not fail to reiterate its desire to see English lose. ” 55 years and you can’t hear their boasting! “He said, referring to England’s victory at the 1966 World Cup. A phrase that has made its mark on social media since The National has become one of the most debated topics on Twitter.

This apparently did not fail to divide the masses. The daily claims that a poll shows 83% of voters support their front page. On the contrary, such initiatives have made people sad. Sun reporter Harry Cole said the call was ” very sad “Where his colleague Ian Dunt from Politics.co.uk prefers the adjective” kind hearted “. The latter, in turn, was attacked by internet users, claiming that The National was simply reacting to English arrogance. At the BBC, presenter Andrew Marr was surprised for his part. ” Suspicious number of Italian tricolor flags floating around Scotland Before the hijacking of the title of The National. ” Save us from spreading their nationalism further across borders He argues with irony.

In Italy, The National’s appeal appears to have been very well received. The Scottish newspaper claims it has been inundated with requests to send copies of its front page to the Mediterranean peninsula. Roberto Mancini said in a press conference: ” daily cover sheet ». The Italian player Giorgio Chiellini also responded by saying that he ” make you smile For its part, the most important Italian sports newspaper, Gazzetta dello Sport, has attached the cover of The National to the euro.

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