All about Summer Camps 2022, English, Nature and also Tech Camp and Film


A vacation primarily, but also an opportunity to grow, socialize, gain a sense of adjustment to a new environment, as well as gain more independence being away from home and families. In short, these are advantages summer camp For children, young people and even adults who, in the summer of 2022, will focus on love for the environment and, for the first time, on science and film.
Well organized and managed by qualified and experienced staff, the summer residence formula ensures the improvement of social relationships, self-esteem and emancipation of the participants, as evidenced by numerous international research and family reports. “After a week on campus, my daughter is home and she’s different since she left. She’s not taller or thinner, maybe dirtier. It’s really different,” summarizes Alicia Altavilla, web content editor at Bambinopoli, a portal for families, perfectly.
In addition, children and young people have mostly been at home since 2020, and this year’s summer camps have doubled their value, for the first time without exclusion rules. The coming summer offers excellent opportunities throughout the peninsula. From city centers also run by public schools to (even free) vacation campuses, there’s no shortage of ways for our kids to be together and maybe keep them away from smartphones and consoles. Here are some news for the summer of 2022.
Planet right in the middle, with the WWF, in (almost) all of Italy
“The WWF camp is first and foremost a beautiful holiday dedicated entirely to children and nature. A healthy and balanced mix of fun, new friendships, exploring the region and the excitement of a holiday experience in one of our oases with those who protect this precious environment every day,” explains the school staff to One Planet WWF Italy. – The team of biologists, natural scientists and environmental educators, who are experts in nature, ecology, ecology and environmental education, aims to make it easier for children and young people to know and adopt virtuous and environmentally friendly behavior. In the hope that the same behaviors will be adopted when they return home.” The World Wide Fund for Nature’s programs are divided by school age: elementary, middle, and high school. Respect for the planet is the main theme that unites many activities. Holidays in tents, sailing, oases, English, bike, farm, organization of ‘nature’ workshops, photo courses, playful to ‘young natural biologists’ etc. on
The focus is on the first tech camps, artificial intelligence, data science and the digital world. In Volterra and Trieste
Applied sciences stand out among the new subjects being developed at Italian universities.
For example, the proposal for AlxGirls Summer Tech Camps, the first free “science” campus (sponsors of caliber Fineco Asset Management, Associazione Donne 4.0 and Daxo Group), is exclusively for girls. It is aimed at fourth-grade girls who want to try artificial intelligence and data science subjects and aims to guide young women to choose female STEM universities for their Abitur. So far, more than 1,000 schools have been invited. Participation is free and takes place by self-registration (until May 20th) on the website The campus is in Volterra, at the SIAF International School of Higher Education.
The new campus ‘H-FARM’ is for children and teenagers (June-August) in the new facilities of the Campus di Ca’Tron (Portopiccolo, Trieste), Europe’s largest innovation center on the outskirts of Venice (between Monfalcone and Trieste) . The offer includes digital summer camps with workshops on digital photo, video and post-production, special effects, Internet of Things, drones with DJI training, Acers software, Minecraft programming, robotics with Lego, Clementoni and creative electronics. The H-Farm itself, which occupies an area of ​​51 hectares, has a campus dedicated to learning the English language through science, art, hope, geography and programming. In addition to many sporting activities. information
English, nature and environment together, from Udine to Palermo
English and nature are increasingly popular elements at the many summer schools scattered across the peninsula. This year, rural farms and schools merge the show with the addition of English practice, which we know is learned through practice. At the Montessori Farm of The Dolomites, outdoor activities take place in the woods and in the high mountains. It was conducted with experienced Montessori primary school teachers abroad who provided real English language immersion for participants through animal care activities, herb gathering, milking and cheese making, traditional songs and dances, woodwork, etc. At
In the Parco delle Madonie in Palermo, the summer campus is aimed at children and young people who want to experience eventful holidays in nature and train their problem-solving skills. Outdoor sports, logic competitions, educational workshops, stars with expert staff, activities in English based on the principles of learning by doing. information about
From photography to theater to green cinema for all ages, from Milan to Rome, Valtellina and L’Aquila
At the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan, home to a historic photography school, there are more than 200 summer camp proposals this summer for those staying in the city. Children, teenagers and adults from 8 to 18 years learn the theoretical basics and practical techniques up to the approach of a professional photographer. Campus, Kids Clicks, Teen Clicks, and Advances begin June 20th. At
In Sueglio (Lecco department) in Valtellina, the Teatro della Zucca offers a summer residential campus for children and teenagers from 7 to 13 years old. The use of body and sound to give space for creativity is the main goal of the creative, expressive and naturalistic workshops that intertwine. The staff consists of teachers and theater operators with decades of experience in the industry. At
The first campus dedicated to the construction of a new eco-sustainable green cinema, the CinemAbruzzo Campus, is located in Avezzano (AQ). This is Europe’s first art residency dedicated solely to the production of eco-friendly films. It is aimed at young filmmakers and is organized by CinemAbruzzo Aps. A rich and detailed program that explores and makes available to participants all the technical tools and best practices for a fully eco-friendly production. With a limited number, it is aimed at 14 filmmakers under 35 years old from all over the world and has been recognized and funded by “Special Projects” of the Directorate General for Cinema and Audiovisual of the Ministry of Culture. Film, audio and video projects are implemented in a climate-neutral manner throughout the campus. The program from the beginning of June 2022 is published in
The cultural association Sentieri Selvaggi in Rome offers a “Summer School of Cinema” with complete summer courses of 3 or 5 weeks at reduced prices. The show is aimed at girls and boys between the ages of 15 and 19 and includes courses in photography, directing, acting, film criticism, journalism, editing and screenwriting. information about


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