Angel Oak Capital Advisors’ flagship Multi-Strategy Income Fund celebrates its 10th anniversary


US Structured Credit Manager celebrates a milestone in 2021

ATLANTA – (BUSINESS WIRE) –$ ANGIX– Angel Oak Capital Advisors LLC announces that the company’s flagship Angel Oak Multi-Strategy Income Fund (ANGLX) has passed the 10-year mark, a milestone for one of the first structured loan funds to focus primarily on US Residential Real Estate focuses on mortgage-backed securities issued after the 2007-08 financial crisis.

Over the past decade, ANGLX, which invests in attractive investment opportunities in US structured bonds, has achieved strong risk-adjusted returns and quality returns over a variety of credit cycles. Since the fund was launched in 2011, its portfolio management team has grown to include more than 20 investment professionals, demonstrating the company’s commitment to the strategy.

“Adhering to our philosophy of delivering great risk-adjusted returns across the credit cycle has proven itself over the past decade,” said Sam Dunlap, CIO of Public Strategies, Angel Oak. “I attribute the success of ANGLX to our top-down relative value process coupled with our rigorous bottom-up loan selection process, the same approach we’ve taken since inception.”

Sreeni Prabhu, Managing Partner and Co-CEO of Angel Oak, said, “In 2011 we saw a tremendous opportunity in a relocated asset class to launch a mutual fund focused on structured US loans, particularly mortgage loans. We can’t thank our partners, investors and our incredible team enough for their support and dedication over the past 10 years. ”

Since its inception in 2011, ANGLX has generated an annualized return of 5.88% and now manages approximately $ 7.0 billion in assets.

Total net returns as of 6/30/21

3 months

1 year

5 years

ten years















Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index






The performance data given represent past performance. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The return on investment and the net present value of an investment in the Fund will fluctuate, so that when an investor s shares are redeemed, they may be worth more or less than their original cost. The current performance can be lower or higher than stated. The current performance up to the end of the month can be called up by calling 855-751-4324 or at

Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index: An unmanaged index that measures the performance of the investment grade universe of bonds issued in the United States. The index includes US Treasury, government sponsored, mortgage, and corporate bonds.

1The launch date of the Angel Oak Multi-Strategy Income Fund A (ANGLX) class was 06/28/11 while the Institutional (ANGIX) class was 08/16/12. ANGIX returns reported for periods prior to the inception date include ANGLX returns and are adjusted to reflect ANGIX’s operating costs.

About Angel Oak Capital Advisors LLC

Angel Oak Capital Advisors is an investment management company focused on providing compelling fixed income investment solutions to its clients. Angel Oak Capital Advisors takes a value-based approach to seek attractive risk-adjusted returns through a combination of stable current income and price appreciation. The experienced investment team seeks out the best fixed income investment opportunities and specializes in mortgage-backed securities and other structured credit areas.

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* Gross expense ratios are shown as of the 05/31/21 prospectus. The net expense ratios are reported as of January 31, 21st annual report and are listed in the prospectus on May 31, 21st. The consultant has contractually agreed to waive fees until 05/31/22.

Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, fees and costs of the Angel Oak Investment Funds. This and other important information about each fund can be found in the prospectus or summary prospectus for each fund, which you can obtain by calling 855-751-4324 or by clicking here. The prospectus or the summary prospectus should be read and carefully examined before making an investment decision.

Investing in mutual funds involves risks; Loss of capital possible. The Fund’s derivative investments involve risks, including the imperfect correlation between the value of these instruments and the underlying asset, interest rate or index, which creates the possibility that the loss on these instruments may be greater than the gain in value of the underlying lying asset, rate or index; the loss of the principal; the possible failure of the other party to the transaction; and illiquidity of derivative investments. The Fund may invest in illiquid securities and restricted securities. Investments in blocked securities may increase the amount of fund assets invested in illiquid securities if qualified institutional buyers are unwilling to purchase these securities. Changes in interest rates generally cause the value of the fixed income instruments held by the Fund to fluctuate inversely with those changes. Below investment grade instruments are commonly referred to as “junk” or high yield instruments and are considered predominantly speculative in relation to the issuer’s ability to pay interest and repay principal. Lower-rated instruments can be particularly vulnerable to economic downturns. The price paid by the Fund for asset backed securities, including CLOs; the return the Fund expects from these securities; and the average life of such securities is based on a number of factors including the expected prepayment of the underlying assets. Mortgage-backed securities are subject to the general risks associated with investing in real estate securities; that is, they can depreciate if the value of the underlying property to which a mortgage pool relates falls. Please refer to the prospectus for more information on these risks and other fund risks.

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