Animal Crossing’s Thanksgiving Turkey Day Event: Recipes, Rewards, and Ingredients


Thanksgiving is coming soon Animal Crossing: New Horizons, with Nintendo’s wholesome title hosting its annual Turkey Day event.

For those who don’t know Deer crossing is regularly updated with time-limited content for special occasions and seasons. On Halloween everyone is talking about the pumpkin harvest, while on “Toy Day” the villagers prepare the island for the Christmas celebrations

When it comes to Deer crossing On Turkey Day (which you may also know as “Harvest Festival” if you’re an old-school fan), collect ingredients for Franklin, the local chef. In exchange for your help with meal preparation, the chef will reward you with rare items and even furniture for your home.

Here is everything you need to know about Turkey Day 2021 repeating in 2020 Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

When is Turkey Day 2021?

First things first, Turkey Day coincides with Thanksgiving. This means that the themed content will land in the game on Thursday, November 25th.

The exact timing of the festivities is unknown at this time, but you can tell as unique music is played and new decorations adorn the village. You should also notice that Franklin is hanging out outside of Resident Services (where he set up his kitchen last year).

Turkey Day Recipes, Ingredients, and Rewards

Once you find Franklin, he will ask you to gather ingredients for him so that he can cook his special recipes. Although he gives you a list, you can earn bonus rewards by taking some initiative and guessing what secret ingredients he needs to perfect his dishes (he won’t tell you about it).

In 2020, the Turkey Day recipes were as follows. We have also included the rewards associated with completing each and every one of them.

recipe ingredients Secret ingredients Reward
Gratin (northern hemisphere) 1x mussel and either a mushroom (thin, flat or round) or an oyster Dungeness crab Flooring for Turkey Day
Gratin (southern hemisphere) 1x squid and 1x sea urchin Dungeness crab Flooring for Turkey Day
shell soup 3x manilla clams Scallop Turkey day carpet
pumpkin pie 1x orange pumpkin and 1x other pumpkin (either yellow, green or white) All four pumpkin colors Turkey day wall
Fish Meunière (Northern Hemisphere) 1x sea bass and either a dab, olive flounder or red snapper Barred knife jaw cornucopia
Fish Meunière (southern hemisphere) 1x sea bass and either an olive flounder or red snapper Barred knife jaw cornucopia

For collecting one of the secret ingredients you were also entitled to one of the following randomly generated rewards. These weren’t prescription-specific last year.

  • Turkey Day casserole
  • Turkey Day Chair
  • Turkey day decorations
  • Garden stand for Turkey Day
  • Turkey daily cooker
  • Turkey day table
  • Setting of the Turkey daily table
  • Turkey Day Wheat Decor

Of course, there’s no guarantee that the exact same recipes will be requested for Turkey Day 2021 (and that no new rewards will be offered), but there will be at least some overlap. When we know for sure News week will update this article.

In other Animal Crossing: New Horizons News, the Happy Home Designer extension is now available for download from the Nintendo eShop.

Imagw featured Franklin in Animal Crossing: New Horizons during Turkey Day 2020 celebration.
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