Another vegan butter option has arrived. This time from Violife.



Vegan brand Violife has launched its first vegan butter, Vioblock, in Asda stores across the UK. Vioblock consists of a mixture of coconut oil, sunflower oil and rapeseed oil and is enriched with vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12. The new vegan butter from Violife offers a familiar butter taste and can be used for melting, spreading and baking.

Violife’s product portfolio consists mainly of plant-based cheeses and Vioblock is a step in a new direction for the vegan company. “The launch of our first butter alternative Vioblock is a milestone for Violife as we want to expand our product offering in the dairy alternative category,” said Bianca Harris, UK Marketing Manager for Violife. “Vioblock is always 100 percent vegan and stays true to Violife’s core values ​​as they are suitable for everyone to enjoy regardless of their nutritional needs and to function exactly as you would expect.”

Based in Thessaloniki, Greece since the 1990s, Violife’s products are now available in more than 50 countries around the world, including the United States, where the brand was widely promoted through the Whole Foods Market in 2018. Violife has mainly focused on vegan cheese and offers products such as cheese blocks, slices, spreads and wedges in different flavors from cheddar to feta. The brand also offered a seasonal EPIC Christmas platter with three blocks of cheddar flavored (ripe, smoked, and garlic & chilli). In the United States, the brand offers vegan cheeses such as parmesan wedges, cream cheese, ripe cheddar slices and blocks, and feta blocks.

Harris says Violife’s entry into vegan butter is a great opportunity. “With dairy alternatives outnumbering the dairy sector by nearly three to one, but only accounting for five percent of the total dairy sector, there is considerable scope for the dairy alternative sector to grow and for Violife to expand beyond the dairy alternative to cheese category. “Said Harris. “Whether flexitarians, vegans or vegetarians, we are pleased to be able to present an expanded product range to fans of the brand in the future.”


Last year, the company launched a vegan chocolate spread called Cocospread in select stores across the UK. The dessert spread is made from coconut oil, brown sugar, cocoa powder, dried banana powder and other flavors and is free from nuts, soy, gluten and preservatives. Cocospread found its way to the USA earlier this year.

All the vegan butter

Violife’s Vioblock complements the growing number of vegan butter options on the market, including from brands like Kite Hill, Miyoko’s Creamery, Califia Farms, Milkadamia, Flora, Earth Balance and Melt Organic.

In addition, big brands such as Country Crock and Target have entered the vegan butter train. In 2017 the Unilever brand I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter launched a new “It’s Vegan” product. The spread – certified by Vegan Action to ensure it is free from animal products – is made from a blend of soy and rapeseed oil.


In 2019 Country Crock introduced its vegan Plant Butter line, which is available in stores nationwide. The line includes plant butter with olive oil, plant butter with almond oil and plant butter with avocado oil are available in buttery sticks. The varieties of almond oil and olive oil are also available in cup format.

Earlier this year, retail giant Target launched its new own brand, Good & Gather Plant Based, which offers 30 products, including organic, non-dairy butter spread.

For more information on vegan butter, see the comprehensive guide to vegan butter.

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