Bagatelle Group is expanding their empire to Mykonos this summer


With the summer months, people around the world are getting ready for theirs
Summer holidays, and year after year Europe is one of the top travel destinations. According to Travel Agent Central, American trips to Europe will increase by 600 percent from last year

As people have been forced to limit their travel for the past two years
pandemic-related travel restrictions, the summer of 2022 will surely stand for the books
Vacationers can return to their favorite destinations.

One of the most popular travel destinations within Europe is the Greek island of Mykonos
the southern part of the Aegean. While Mykonos has been attracting tourists ever since
In the 1920s, she became more and more popular as celebrities, top models in recent years
and top athletes flocked to the island for its unique energy and mesmerizing scenery.
Since Mykonos is such a popular tourist destination, there should be more than one
million visitors every summer on average. Because of this, Mykonos was a no-brainer
Bagatelle Group began discussing the location for their next restaurant.

Bagatelle is a French group of restaurants and beach clubs that embody the spirit
of the French Riviera around the world. Established in 2008 with the first location in New
Based in York’s beloved Meatpacking District, the group has since spread around the world
Major cities like London, Miami, St Tropez, St Barth, Tulum, Dubai and more.
Bagatelle Mykonos expands its list of prestigious destinations and opens its doors
on May 24th.

Bagatelle Mykonos encompasses all that is elegance with a fun vibe and deliciousness
Food. The party starts at sunset when resident DJs spin and people dance
Above. Whether in the restaurant, in the lounge or at the bar, the fresh fruit cocktails
and the dishes on offer are an ode to the pure essence of the bagatelle: a declaration of love to the French
Enjoyment of life.

As executive chef of Bagatelle Group, Rocco Seminara will work with Joseph Kahat
to bring fresh Mediterranean cuisine to Mykonos. Seminara is best known for its work
at the Hotel Martinez in Cannes and at the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, and he is the
2016 Winner of the prestigious Neptun Prize, awarded by the renowned world chef Joël
Robuchon. Born and raised in Greece, Kahat has worked with Michelin star chef Philippe Geneletti and other renowned chefs such as Michaël Fulci and
Eric Trochon.

The dishes at Bagatelle Mykonos will include a spirit of discovery that is meant to be
shared with friends and family. Made of fresh flatbread with zaatar or greek yogurt with
Honey, to the catch of the day and delicious lamb chops, there is something for everyone.

Bagatelle Mykonos will surely be another success of this world-renowned group, as
People flock to the Greek islands and find themselves in for some stunning food
idyllic setting. Enjoy the sunset from a rattan armchair or cushioned garden swing
lose yourself in the musical atmosphere.


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