Beaten Twitch streamer during the cooking stream


Popular Pull out Streamers have branched out from video games to variety and IRL content, but that can often be dangerous if nefarious viewers know where they are. During a recent cooking stream, one such Twitch streamer was slammed when local police searched her home over some unknown allegations.

June 21st was like any other Taco Tuesday for HeyItsMeSalty as a Twitch streamer, launching a cooking stream, a type of content that has become commonplace on his channel. During previous Cooking Streams, HeyItsMeSalty has created a plethora of dishes like Neapolitan Margherita Pizza, Pasta with Meatballs, Pancake Stacks, Pad Thai, Stuffed Peppers and more. Although most members of the Twitch community join Twitch cooking streams to see what accidents might happen, interact with the popular streamer and discover new cooking techniques, one of them called the police on HeyItsMeSalty to smack him during the stream to let what was noticed by Dexerto.


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HeyItsMeSalty’s Taco Tuesday stream was disrupted, as was PixelKitten’s charity stream on Twitch just days earlier, when armed police officers, guns drawn, burst into their home while searching the area. After interacting with the police officers and offering free tacos on a later return, HeyItsMeSalty was able to confirm that they had been misled by the swatter. Police exited the scene before HeyItsMeSalty’s tacos were affected by the delay and made sure the Twitch streamer was able to continue the cooking stream, resulting in some impressive roasted cauliflower, chickpea and sweet potato tacos on homemade tortillas.

A large chunk of the aforementioned stream was deleted, but the beating moments circulated throughout the community, including the streamer himself, who shed additional light on the topic. Before police left his home, HeyItsMeSalty stated that he would welcome them back to tacos once they were ready “in an hour and a half,” but stressed the importance of his family’s safety in a tweet about the situation. Given that many of the twitch-swatting events in recent history have resulted in worse and more dangerous reactions than the recent HeyItsMeSalty experience, the person who sent the police to their home could have hurt someone.

Some Twitch viewers may have waited during the streamed swatting event, but others disappeared while hoping for the best as HeyItsMeSalty respectfully settled things with the cops, as Dr. Disrespect by YouTube has dealt with a swatting in the past. HeyItsMeSalty confirmed to his audience that he usually ends a swat stream early because he “maybe peed a little,” but his dedication was celebrated by many of his followers. Many of them Pull out Viewers expressed great respect for the streamer after he handled the live swatting, while others simply begged that he share the recipe for the tacos highlighted during the stream.

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