Beloved brick stitching closes after an impressive 41 years


Here on the bank we have seen companies come and go. Others have remained constants in our lives. These are the ones we never thought would close their doors. After more than 40 years of good food and even better memories, a jewel has unfortunately said goodbye to the neighborhood today.

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You were used to that kind of smile every time you stepped into Cozy’s Kitchen on Herbertsville Road in Brick.

It all started 41 years ago with Rosie’s Cozy Kitchen on Route 88. If you have Brick roots, you may have remembered calling it Bob and Lori’s.

Seven years later, the restaurant moved to its Herbertsville Road location. This was always a welcome sight on the busy Brick Road.

The special thing about Cozy was that it was really a place in the neighborhood. As a local landmark mentioned on Facebook, residents of the area made friends and even lifelong partners here.

Here the children stopped after a game to grab a cone and a prize from the treasure chest.

And of course, who can forget the epic game nights?

loveless via Instagram

There were over 65 different board games to play thanks to a great partnership with Ocean County Gamers Enclave.

The restaurant was in his name. Cozy. I have never eaten badly and according to reviews, I am not alone. Cozy’s has a 4.6 star rating on Google. This is really good for any restaurant.

Have been driving past this place for YEARS and finally had lunch. The food and service were excellent. The place is small, but that’s why they call it “cozy”. This is one of my favorites.

Why is Cozy closing? You didn’t say exactly on social media, but it was an incredibly busy time for restaurants. Especially lately when it comes to finding staff.

The owners wrote:

The last few years have been difficult for everyone and the decision to sell the property has been made.

Sunday, October 3rd, is our last day of operation and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you.

In many ways, the atmosphere of a company depends heavily on its customers. Many friendships have developed over the year and we have learned a lot from our customers. Hopefully we have been able to provide you, our customers, with some advice that has also been helpful to you. Words cannot express gratitude for all the years that you have supported us.

Thank you Cozy’s for all of the great meals and memories. We will miss you.

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