Best Vegetarian: Blind Faith Cafe


You’re a vegetarian at a restaurant with your omnivorous friends, and the only truly vegetarian item on the menu is a salad or a downgraded alternative version of a meat dish. I understand – I was there myself as a vegetarian. Visit the Blind Faith Cafe to see that vegetarian food can be more than just rabbit food.

Located in the heart of the Main-Dempster-Mile, The restaurant is worth the hike. You will be surrounded by warm, welcoming staff and your favorite cuisine will be prepared vegetarian.

Fancy something spicy? Go for the vegan Mexican breakfast or the breakfast burrito. How about Asian cuisine? Say hello to Mongolian stir-fries or the Thai peanut noodles. Would you like to travel to Europe from the comfort of your wooden restaurant chair? Get the Mediterranean omelet or the pesto pasta primavera.

Of course, if salads are your thing, you’ll get your money’s worth. Blind Faith Cafe offers a variety of choices that deviate from the traditional salads and tomatoes – from Thai noodle salad to Jerusalem lentil salad or Mediterranean rice salad, your salads don’t have to be green and unoriginal if you don’t want them to be.

The possibilities are endless and pet friendly. No more spending 15 minutes asking the server about non-existent vegetarian options – you are in control of what you eat at Blind Faith Cafe.

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