Cat Cora talks about raising six boys, makes headlines, and provides kitchen inspiration


You’re a big fan of meal prep.

I think it’s really planning ahead. If you have a day just hanging out around the house, prepare a few meals and put them in the freezer, make a lasagna, or make a pot of chili. I don’t think meal prep is a bad idea in some ways. I think I can cook pretty quickly because I can look at my fridge and know, but I’m trained for that. For people who aren’t, I think if you can put in a little more time and a little more thought.

And we don’t have a lot of time, neither of us, but when you have a day like a Sunday where you go for brunch, get up late, get a little coffee, or have your day off and you can take a minute and prepare an extra meal to put in your freezer to make your weekday life easier. Or you can put something in a saucepan and have dinner when you get home. Or you can prepare some things in advance and then, the next day, dinner will be a little easier. Those are the kinds of things.

And don’t be afraid to buy pre-made things if it makes your life easier. You make a pot of rice or whatever, or you make something on the stove or some pasta, but then you might buy a rotisserie chicken, that’s okay. Nobody should be guilty of this because these days we have so many things that are well done, that are of high quality, that are not expensive, and that we can all get in our local market. If that makes your life easier and you eat well and eat healthy or as healthy as possible and it in turn makes your time management so much better and you enjoy being in the kitchen, I say do it. Don’t feel guilty about it.

Because then one day you might be able to make this prepared roast chicken, but it might inspire you to say, “You know what? I think I’ll make chili, turkey chili, from scratch. I’ll fry the turkey and me add the beans and I’ll add the tomatoes, “then, great. I think I care about everyone having a healthy relationship with food and really having the quality of life around food that I have, and I try to give people tips on how to do that more easily.

Whatever it takes to release the pressure and get you back to the kitchen time and time again. That’s all that counts.

Exactly. And that’s really the answer, whatever takes the pressure off and keeps you back in the kitchen because if you say to someone who isn’t a trained chef, who is a busy parent, or just a busy person in general who has a crazy schedule, come here and do everything from scratch on a monday or tuesday, chances are you’ll do that again … it might take a while.


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