COPIOSA SNOW comes in the middle of the Christmas celebrations. Risk areas


Weather: COPIUS SNOW is coming in the middle of the Christmas holidays. Risk areas

white ChristmasSnow at christmas? A dream for many children, but also for many adults. Even those who don’t like the cold and snow should agreeA white Christmas atmosphere It really is a thing Magical And everyone should try at least once in their life. This, of course, takes into account the inconvenience caused by the movements of many people working on December 25 (and especially), especially the fog.
In the middle of the Christmas holidays, that comes in abundance. We analyze the situation and then analyze the updated forecasts to identify Ice risk areas In the next Christmas vacation.

Before the weather, snow can be most common on the plains between Eve and Santo Stefano in Italy. We have to go back Christmas 2000 15/20 cm in the northwest Milan e Turin. In 1996, ice moved to the Adriatic, albeit a little late: in between December 26th and 27thThanks to the penetration of icy Burian winds, the snow fell copiously in the mountains and reached all beaches and major cities such as Pescara and Barry.

Even further back, Christmas was another cold and snow event December 1986On Christmas Eve our peninsula was hit by a gust of wind (-10 ° C to 850 hPa). On the 25th, about 8 inches of snow fell in Pescara, Cambodia and Bodenza. Between Christmas and Santo Stefano it snowed in Barry, Prindici, Gioia del Cole, Olbia and Cogliari in Les and Sardinia.

E. Roma? Snow in the capital is an impossible event, and Christmas Day is more unique than rare. However in 1940 On Christmas Eve night it rains in the capital and then mixes with heavy snowflakes with a concentration of 4 cm; A similar incident occurred on Boxing Day in 1962 at 4 cm.

But let’s get to the news! This year the snow can only come back to see together Christmas holidays, However, not on the levels. The latest update actually confirms the risk of snowfall Through part of the Alps and the Apennines Middle-North.
Wonderful news, especially for mountain and winter sports enthusiasts who can enjoy the magic white Christmas Embedded in the extraordinary nature that characterizes our mountains. Especially during the day St. Stephan Can return Snowfall in the alpine mountains, Around 1000 meters high, Especially in the Middle East and in the high Apenines i 1500/1700 meters.

Snowfall can be expected during the Christmas holidays


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