Covid: What can we do in Level 0 in Scotland?


Nicola Sturgeon will announce if Scotland will move to Level 0 on July 19th, but what exactly does that mean?

Level 0 is Scotland’s lowest level of Covid restrictions, which range from 0 to 4.

In essence, it is what the country can come closest to “normal”, with significant restrictions still in place.

While England will abandon most of its pandemic measures on July 19, Scotland will go the furthest to reduce restrictions across the country to Level 0.

Here’s what you can and can’t do under Level 0 restrictions:

How many people can talk indoors at level 0?

Under the level 0 restrictions, the number of people allowed to meet indoors increases:

  • up to 8 people from four households can gather in one home and spend the night
  • Up to 10 people from four households can meet in a public indoor area such as a pub or restaurant
  • Up to 15 people from 15 households can meet outside in the public space or in the private garden

Children under the age of 12 are not included in the number of people allowed to gather outdoors.

This means that hypothetically, 15 people over the age of 15 can meet an indefinite number of children outside.

How many people can attend weddings and funerals in Level 0?

Up to 200 people can attend weddings and funerals in Level 0, but only if the venue allows a physical distance of 2 m.

Face-covering must still be worn indoors, apart from the marriage of the couple or the person accompanying the couple.

At funerals, the person leading the funeral service or reading an eulogy can remove their mask.

Can pubs and restaurants return to normal opening hours?

Not quite.

Under the Level 0 restrictions, pubs and restaurants can stay open until midnight, a change from the original plans to allow the hospitality industry to return to normal license hours.

Table service remains compulsory at level 0, as does wearing a mask when you are not seated.

Can sports and other spectator events be resumed?

Outdoor seating can accommodate up to 2,000 people, while outdoor standing events are limited to 1,000 people.

Indoor seating events can be held with up to 400 people.

Can night clubs open in level 0?

No, nightclubs and adult entertainment are among the few businesses that are not allowed to open at level 0.

Are level 0 hospital visits allowed?

All hospital visits are allowed at level 0, subject to local health protection recommendations.

The same applies to nursing homes.

Can I sing in church?

Under the restrictions of level 0, you can sing in houses of worship as long as face masks are worn and social distance is observed.

What is the test positive rate in Scotland?


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