Details on Chef Iliana Regan’s second book


Three years after the publication of her much-lauded first memoir burn the place Iliana Regan, the award-winning collectors chef who founded the Michelin-starred Elizabeth Restaurant in Lincoln Square, has released information about her follow-up book.

Field work: memories of a collector Chronicling Regan’s transition from big-city restaurant life to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where she and wife Anna Hamlin lived and operated Bed & Breakfast called Milkweed Inn since 2019.

Early details, via Bookshop, reveal that Regan will share her desire to return to her rural roots, with the arc of this trip interspersed with tales of her extended family — some steeped in alcoholism and domestic disputes, highlighting the specific “harm men do to women.” inflict, and families, and harm males inflict on the entire landscapes they inhabit.” The abstract also mentions Regan and Hamlin’s efforts to conceive a child amid the pandemic.

Regan officially sold Elizabeth to longtime collaborator Tim Lacey in October 2021, whom she met more than a decade ago at Trio, the suburban Evanston restaurant that has produced culinary stars such as Gale Gand and Grant Achatz. Field work: memories of a collector is available for pre-order now, with a January 2023 release.

Will the mask requirement come back?

LA officials have paved the way for an indoor mask mandate, set to return in late July if COVID numbers continue to rise. Chicago’s numbers are also increasing – the city has returned to “high risk” status — could the city follow suit? It’s something worth watching, especially when Lollapalooza returns next week. Chicago restaurant owners were gearing up for a July 2021 mandate, and similar conditions are materializing.

Potbelly avoids a wreck with PPP forgiveness

Despite raising investor fears and warning of a possible shutdown, Chicago-based sandwich chain Potbelly was informed in July that the US Small Business Administration had canceled its $10 million Payroll Protection loan Program (PPP) issued Crains. Instead, taxpayers will have to shoulder the $10.2 million (including principal and accrued interest) — the cherry on Potbelly’s trash can of the PPP-related drama that began in April 2020 when it joined companies like Sweetgreen to front many small ones Gobble up state funds Companies could apply.

A White Sox player’s pre-game meal is awesome

Liam Hendriks is an Australian-born pitcher for the Chicago White Sox. Considered one of the best relief pitchers in the game, he represented the team at this week’s All Star Game in LA. Apparently, he also has a pre-game ritual at Guaranteed Rate Field. According to MLB writer Anthony Castrovince, Hendriks eats a Philly cheesesteak with hot sauce and fries. It’s not known where Hendriks gets his food from, or if he’s considered swapping an Italian beef for hot Giardiniera.


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