Divan Restaurant goes to Midtown Castle Building (What Now Atlanta)


For the past 16 years, the Divan has served tasty Persian and Mediterranean cuisine on Piedmont Road in Atlanta. Favorites such as Duck Leg Confit, Turkey and Pistachio Kufta, Persian Spiced Lamb Chops and Basil Caramelized Sea Scollops have earned the eatery a large fan base, so Divan often has to close his open table reservation platform early in the evening because there is just not enough space to accommodate more guests.

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The dining room is the single most important factor in the decision to open the restaurant at The Castle in Midtown, also known as Fort Peace.

“The 16-year-old operation alone is the main reason why we saw the need to relocate and expand our operations to a larger facility. Being loved by thousands of our fans throughout the life of our restaurant brings us a constant stream of customers who can no longer be accommodated in our current location, ”owner Max Mansoor Lofti wrote in an email to What Now Atlanta. “This new location is much larger and gives us the opportunity to offer our fans what we were previously unable to offer for logistical reasons.”

The Divan Restaurant recently announced its plans to open at 8:15 pm. closedNS St. NO. There, Lofti will focus on providing guests with the space and comfort that the Buckhead location lacks. “We are able to offer spacious restaurants, lots of private spaces and terrace restaurants to enhance our customers’ experience,” wrote Lofti. Rental information received from What Now Atlanta indicates the new restaurant space will provide 11,935 square feet for Divan.

Lofti hopes to open in mid-December

But don’t worry, the flavors you know and love stay constant at The Castle. “We pride ourselves on keeping our menu consistent in its perfect entirety. Our menu is 16 years old, well thought out and well prepared, ”added Lofti. The menu includes many locally sourced ingredients, as well as ingredients from Divan’s Middle Eastern sister company, Persianbasket.

It remains unclear whether The Castle will be an outpost or a move for Divan. Lofti was unavailable for clarification at the time of publication.

Photo: Official
Photo: Official


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