Doha Festival City announces the opening of 35 new stores by the end of 2021


Doha: Doha Festival City, Qatar’s only choice for shopping, dining and entertainment, continues to expand at a rapid pace with another 35 new outlets slated to open by the end of 2021, ten of which have recently opened their doors to visitors.

This year Doha Festival City welcomed more than 56 new stores, further strengthening its leading position as a unique global shopping and lifestyle destination and offering an impressive selection of outlets for all tastes and ages.

In the fields of fashion, beauty, accessories, healthcare, home furnishings and hospitality, and many more specialty stores, new highly anticipated stores will open and add to a wider range for shoppers, some of which will debut exclusively in Qatar at Doha Festival City.

Qatar’s largest Decathlon outlet recently opened in Doha Festival City. On almost 2500 m², this French sporting goods retailer has over 1,647 shops in almost 1,000 cities in 57 countries and regions and is one of the largest sporting goods retailers in the world. In addition to Serpil, another branch of Sports Corner, Qatar’s leading sporting goods retailer, has opened a luxury store for all women. In addition, the Kiddy Zone now welcomes visitors and offers them an incomparable and spectacular collection of world-class toys from top brands.

Doha Festival City will for the first time welcome O Bag, an Italian brand that has revolutionized the industry for years. For those looking for exquisite and fashionable pieces, the mall opens the Dress Room, which has haute couture dresses, evening dresses and dresses for all occasions, as well as Hugo, which has a range of fashionable designs. In addition, List Roma, a pioneer in luxury clothing for women, is expected to open like Hazar, offering a wide range of high quality women’s shoes and bags. In addition to Dentella, an elite boutique that offers the most elegant and relaxing environment, Adidas Kids will also open, offering the latest sporty colors and styles in children’s clothing.

With further expansions to its jewelry division, Doha Festival City opened another branch of Qatar’s leading luxury watch and jewelry retailer, Al Fardan Jewelry, and Zen Diamond, a world-class leader in the design, manufacture and sale of a wide range of diamond jewelry worldwide. In addition, the mall has also welcomed La Marquise, a world-renowned brand that offers exceptional pieces of jewelry; and Blue Diamond Jewelery, international luxury jewelry brand.

The mall will soon also welcome the internationally recognized Djula jewelry store, which has revolutionized the jewelry industry with its creativity and style; as well as Alvira Accessories, manufacturer and seller of exclusive jewelry and watch collections; and Allied Watches, one of the largest luxury watch retailers in Qatar since 1991.

Hallmark, one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of greeting cards, art supplies and stationery, has also joined the myriad of stores in Doha Festival City this year.

The mall has also opened the Aksyr Al Hyah pharmacy, which offers a wide range of pharmaceutical, beauty and hygiene products, as well as an additional branch of Kiko Milano, an Italian branch with a diverse range of high quality products, including makeup, beauty Accessories and state-of-the-art skin care.

To improve its beauty offer and the health needs of its visitors, Doha Festival City is about to open Watsons, a health and beauty care chain from Asia.

For the first time in Qatar, Doha Festival City welcomes high quality handmade chocolate from Karmello, a high-end Polish brand; and Choco Melt, a chocolate boutique and coffee shop concept that specializes in desserts and coffee specialties; as well as a handmade chocolate shop from Sweetzerland that offers premium quality. In addition to the newly opened Moo, which offers a diverse selection of dishes, ice cream, desserts and coffee; Cerutti Il Caffee, a pioneer in exquisite and aromatic coffee blends that follow the age-old principles of traditional Italian coffee roasting; Melenzane, which presents a mix of authentic Sicilian recipes with a refreshing twist; and Abajour, Lebanese street food restaurant.

In addition to more than 100 restaurants that have already opened, the shopping center also expects the Eden Coffee Shop, a café in the antipodean style that serves all vegan and mostly gluten-free food and drinks; Yasmine Palace specializing in Mediterranean cuisine and one of the best luxury restaurants in Doha for fine dining. This is in addition to Simit Sarayi, a Turkish chain of fast food franchise bakeries; and Sable Sweets, a restaurant specializing in dessert.

For shoppers looking to spruce up their homes, Doha Festival City has opened Tansy Mattresses with quality mattresses and will host English Home to celebrate the best of British design with beautifully elegant furniture and interiors that can add value to any household. In addition to Roomours, a unique concept store and a brand that offers an extensive range of everyday household products and accessories; Lazordy, a luxury brand that sells chandeliers, furniture and antiques, will also soon open its doors in the mall.

In addition, QIB, the country’s largest sharia-compliant lender, has expanded its branch in Doha Festival City in order to expand its pool of offerings with various banking services for visitors to the mall.

Other notable stores to open include Optifashion, an Italy-based maker of eyeglass frames and sunglasses; Oculis, a brand that offers the latest eyewear trends and specializes in top brand sunglasses for fashion conscious men and women; and Zawaya Perfumes, a local Qatari fragrance brand specializing in bespoke and unique perfumes.

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