Edmonds Restaurant News: Feedme Hospitality Launches Plant-Based Menu Offerings

From left, an Impossible Burger, Tofu Poke Tacos, and Edamame Dumplings at Bar Dojo.

Plant-based menus in one convenient place

You can find some kind of vegan creation almost anywhere. For example, my recent review of the Embassy Suites in Lynnwood found Beyond Burgers on the menu. (Though there is a potential ingredient conflict with the egg-based brioche bun).

For those who commit to eating at plant-based restaurants, the highest marks are given to those who don’t require finesse. Similar to “one-stop shopping,” Feedme Hospitality & Restaurant Group has responded to many consumer inquiries. They proudly present a comprehensive website featuring plant-based offerings from all of our restaurants in one convenient place. Chef/owner Shubert Ho says they’ve received a lot of feedback requesting that their talented chefs offer additional plant-based menus that aren’t just protein replacements for regular dishes. Instead, they have created dishes that focus on the plants themselves.

Chefs at each location have created special menus

Salt & Iron: Chef Ira Taylor
Bar Dojo: Chef Luis Brambila
Fire & the Feast: Chef Micah DeNunzio
Market Edmonds: Chef Hans Korompis

Each participating venue offers a menu of three or more dishes upon request, which can be customized to your liking based on dietary preferences or restrictions. Visit www.grassfedeatery.com for a one-stop shop for Feedme Hospitality plant-based nutrition.

Salt & Iron:

Cauliflower – Roasted cauliflower florets · chorizo ​​spice · herbs · Fresno chilies · green tahini sauce.

Vegan Caesar – Gem salad, capers, lemon, garlic croutons, vegan Caesar dressing.

Roasted portabello mushroom

Aubergine Caponata – Basil Salmeura, Garlic Pounded Potatoes.

Fire & The Feast

Black lens “Bolo” in Fire and the Feast.

Crispy Sweet Potato – Barlic Tahini Herb Sauce, Blister Grape Tomato, Chickpea, Fresh Dill, Lemon, Parsley, Herbs.

Black Lentils “Bolo” – Rigatoni, Black Lentil Bolo, Olive Oil, Nutritional Yeast, Parsley.

Vegan Pesto – Campenelle, vegan arugula pesto, grape tomato, crumbled pine nuts, yeast flakes, basil, crunchy capers.

Market Edmonds

Vegan Curry Carrot Soup

Vegan Curry Carrot Soup – Marge’s Muesli served with coconut milk, chives.

No Bones Cauliflower Rice Bowl – Roasted Cauliflower, Buffalo Coconut Sauce, Ranch Chili, Avocado Relish, Pickled Red Onion, Rice.

Roasted White Asparagus – Mashed carrots, slow-roasted strawberries, toasted hazelnuts, thyme foam and olive oil.

bar dojo

Miso and avocado salad at Bar Dojo

Miso Avocado Salad – Artisanal veggies, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, crispy wontons, and avocado are topped with a creamy veganaise miso yuzu dressing.

Edamame Dumplings – Edamame and vegetable dumplings served with chili oil, scallions, freshly minced garlic, ginger, tamari, sesame oil.

Hoisin Cauliflower – Tempura cauliflower with a zesty chilli hoisin glaze, scallions and sesame seeds.

Tofu Tofu Tacos – Marinated organic tofu sack, Asian slaw, micro cilantro, crispy clams. Veganaise© , Sriracha Lime Aioli.

Dojo Impossible Burger: Sustainable Plant-Based 1/4-1b. Burger, lettuce, tomato, red onion, mozzarella-style rice cheese, rustic macrina potato bun, spicy sesame miso sauce, shoelace fries.

Feedme Hospitality offers started on March 1st.

While the Grass Fed Eatery website doesn’t mention this, it caught my eye on a recent visit Potlatch Bistro also offers vegan items. On the menu is a Beyond Burger, a vegan patty — topped with lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, and pickled shallots — is usually served on a brioche bun and can be served with fries or your house salad, coleslaw, or soup. One caveat to the Beyond Burger – as mentioned above, brioche buns include an egg in the recipe, but plant-based status could be achieved through a request to serve in lettuce wraps or as a topping for salad.

Speaking of salads, the Potlatch Bistro’s Waterfront House Salad is plant-based to perfection, just as it says on the menu. Perhaps future additions to the salad could include beans to boost the protein content a bit more?

Other suggestions that would bring menu items closer to the target posts:

Tomato soup uses vegetable broth but has a cream component.

The Black Bean Burger Patties have cheese in the recipe that ties all the ingredients together as these are homemade. Maybe there will be a future version with vegetable binders.

There are plant-based treats Shore Pine coffee kiosk too.

Chocolate chip cookies are vegan and very popular with customers. There is always a vegan option in the ice box.

Pear Gelato

This week we had pear gelato which was delicious and provided my taste buds with a reminder of our summer pear tree harvest. Other choices in the rotation are lemon, grapefruit, watermelon, and berry.

Most Mediterranean dishes also offer plenty of choice on the menu. Here are a few local spots that get rave reviews.

Cafe Louvre offers more than great coffee and tea. Owner Haifa and her husband cook Lebanese and Middle Eastern-inspired dishes from scratch, which also happen to be plant-based. These include hummus, falafel, dolmas, and lentil salad pasta.

Caravan Kebab: It’s a favorite of European travel expert Rick Steves, and in fact several of his Facebook mini-concerts have featured platters of delicious dishes from this local spot.

Cafe Neo: Readers mentioned a Vegan Delight Gyro and raved about the Faki, a vegetarian lentil soup.

Fork Mediterranean Grill (on Mountlake Terrace). The menu is packed with plant-based vegan dishes.

corn and barley Menu offers a tofu sandwich that looks great.

Corn Barley Tofu Sandwich.

Readers, please share your favorite plant-based eating experiences with us in the comments section of this article.

— By Kathy Passage

A gourmet specialtyKathy Passage has been a food broker for over 30 years and has an in depth knowledge of food and the special qualities of the ingredients used in the exquisite products she has brought to market. Kathy brings this unique “other side of the plate” perspective to write about the food and restaurant scenes in Edmonds, Lynnwood and Mountlake Terrace.


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