Emily Mariko Kewpie Mayo Recipes to Try after TikTok’s Salmon Rice Bowl


By now, you’ve definitely heard of Emily Mariko’s salmon and rice bowl recipe. TikToker’s simple recipe for leftover rice and salmon has everyone talking at FYP. While most people are still baffled that the single ice cube used to steam the rice in the microwave never seems to melt, many others have now shifted their focus to the Kewpie Mayo Mariko. It turns out that this delicious ingredient isn’t just used in the salmon rice bowl. There are many more mayo recipes from Emily Mariko Kewpie that prove this delicious topping is a must have for your next grocery store.

If you’ve never heard of this particular brand of mayonnaise, you might be wondering what Kewpie Mayo is and if you can find it at your local grocery store. Well, Kewpie Mayo is actually a Japanese mayo that’s made a little different than the Americanized version you’re used to. The main difference between the two is that the Kewpie Mayo recipe uses only egg yolks instead of whole eggs. It’s also packaged in a sleek, easy-to-squeeze bottle with the adorable Kewpie baby on the front.

Kewpie Mayo is a top topping for traditional Japanese dishes like takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and of course, sushi. However, you can use it pretty much anywhere you would use your regular mayonnaise. You might even find that you prefer Japanese mayo for your turkey sandwiches, hamburgers, or even elote. To decide if you like it, try one of these five kewpie mayo recipes from Emily Mariko (@emilymariko) on TikTok.

Poke bowls are an easy way to use your kewpie mayo. Just drizzle something over your composite bowl. If you want to follow Mariko’s recipe exactly, you’ll need rice, sliced ​​carrots and cucumbers, avocado, ahi tuna, and takuwan – pickled daikon radish. You should also sprinkle some pickled ginger and sesame seeds on top after topping it with your mayo. It’s an easy lunch to make at home, and you can always switch your protein to shrimp, tofu, or salmon for some variety.

If you don’t have time to slice some veggies and slice an avocado, Mariko has this very easy ahi tuna poke recipe with kewpie mayo on top. All you have to do is take the rest or the instant rice and top it with some cooked ahi tuna. Drizzle over your kewpie mayo and soy sauce and you’re good to go. When you have some takuwan, toss that in the bowl as well.

Mariko shows that you can really use the Kewpie Mayo in place of your American mayonnaise in this BLT recipe. Compose your BLT with bacon, lettuce and tomatoes as usual, but also sprinkle some kewpie mayo on your toasted bread. You can get even more extravagant, like Mariko does, by salting your tomatoes and adding sliced ​​avocado for a BLTA sandwich with a dill pickle on the side.

When it’s a cool fall day, soup is always a great choice for lunch. Even if it’s leftover soup from the night before, you can upgrade your meal by adding some cheese toast as a side dish. Before adding your choice of grated cheese to the bread, sprinkle some kewpie mayo like mariko for added flavor. You can even serve up some kewpie mayo cheese toast with another viral TikTok recipe – curd potato soup – for a super trendy meal.

If you follow Mariko on TikTok, you know that not only is she the salmon and rice bowl queen, but she is also a meal preparation professional. One of the meal preparation recipes that she shared is her tuna salad. In a bowl, combine tuna, celery, red onion, spring onion, parsley, salt, pepper and Dijon. Mariko also complements her avocado oil mayo with Japanese mayo because it is simply “so good”. Once that is all mixed together, you have a delicious tuna salad that you can make sandwiches with all week long.

Of course, you must also try Mariko’s salmon and rice bowl recipe if you haven’t already. After you’ve heated your salmon and rice, add in the soy sauce, sriracha, and the kewpie mayonnaise which will be a must-have in your home in no time.

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