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Mastering a number of cooking techniques is key to becoming a great cook, whether you are a home cook or a professional looking to earn a Michelin star. By understanding the different ways of preparing and preparing food, chefs can work with a wide variety of ingredients and kitchen appliances to prepare delicious meals.

There are three basic methods of cooking: dry heat, moist heat, and combination cooking. Here’s a look at some popular ways to prepare a meal.

• Grilling: When grilling, food is cooked directly under dry heat. It creates a crispy, crispy outer layer on the food.

• Roasting: Another dry heat cooking method, roasting, involves cooking food in an oven at high temperatures. Roasting is best for large pieces of meat or poultry that are tender and contain internal or superficial fats to keep them moist.

• Grilling: When grilling over an open flame, dry heat comes from below. When grilling, the food is cooked quickly.

• Searing: During searing, food, usually meat, is fried on all sides over high heat to give the meat color and flavor. Then the meat is finished using another technique, typically frying.

• Baking: Baking uses indirect heat to surround food and cook it on all sides. It’s similar to roasting, but the temperature tends to be lower than roasting. Roasting is used on vegetables, meat, and other foods. Baking is, however, reserved for bread and cakes, among other things.

• Browning: When browning, the food is quickly cooked over a burner in a flat pan, using a small amount of fat to brown the food evenly. Sauté is a French term for “jump”. Because food cooks quickly, it must be tossed and stirred frequently to avoid burning.

• Poaching: This is a gentle cooking method in which food is immersed in liquids within a certain temperature range. The low heat is ideal for delicate dishes and preserves the taste and moisture of the food without the use of fat or oil.

• Braising: Braising is ideal for cooks who want to prepare very tender meat and vegetables. When steaming, the food is slowly cooked in liquid over low heat. This will help make tough pieces of meat more tender.

• Frying: Similar to frying, food that is coated or breaded is cooked in a small amount of hot oil.

• Deep-frying: Deep-frying involves dipping food in very hot oil to cook it quickly and make it crispy.

• Braising: As with braising, braising uses moisture. To stew food, place small amounts of liquid in a tightly closed pan on the stove or in the oven.

Practicing different cooking methods can help amateur cooks improve their culinary skills.


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