Eurovision 2022: This is what the stage will look like when Brooke Scullion represents Ireland


As the Eurovision Song Contest draws closer, we can unveil the stage Brooke Scullion will be performing on in May.

Derry Girl Brooke will fly the flag of Ireland in Turin, Italy in May with her catchy song That’s Rich.

Now Rai, the host broadcaster of the 66th Eurovision Song Contest, has unveiled the stunning stage on which all 41 artists will perform.

The acts can look forward to The Sun Within – an ambitious new stage concept based on the movement and light of a kinetic sun.

Eurovision fans will witness a spectacular stage with the opportunity to show theatrical movements, framed by water and in front of which a lush Italian garden captures the rays.

Multimedia artist and stage designer Francesca Montinaro is the creative talent behind the design, which will showcase each of the 41 participating artists in a unique way as they showcase their songs to the rest of the world.

After creating the stage “The Ripped Backdrop” for the Sanremo Italian Song Festival in 2013 and “The Trampoline in the Clouds” for the 2019 edition, Francesca now presents “The Sun Within”, the main stage for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin.

This is what the Eurovision Song Contest stage will look like this May

For the concept, the designer was inspired, among other things, by the Italian character.

Francesca said: “The kinetic sun, source of spectacular movements and light tricks, dominates the stage and represents our Italian attitude: always on the move, rebellious, creative, welcoming, passionate, intuitive. We are the ones with the sun inside and that is our way of being in this world.”

Francesca took into account the inclusive nature of the Eurovision Song Contest and the warm hospitality of the Italians when she began work on her set design: “The water cascade framing the stage allegorically represents the sea that surrounds us, a symbol of our complex culture. The stage is our peninsula: a country where every participant is welcome, no matter where they come from.”

This is what the Eurovision Song Contest stage will look like this May
This is what the Eurovision Song Contest stage will look like this May

And when the artists have performed their songs for us, their own experience with the new Eurovision stage is far from over.

“The artists and their teams will be housed in a lush Italian garden where the vegetation mixes with rays of light that hover between reality and illusion, transporting them to a playful and architectural dimension.”

Brooke will take the stage in the second semi-final on May 12th.

Italian organizers have announced that we will perform alongside Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania and Sweden on May 12th – the second half of the second semi-final at the PalaOlimpico Turin in Italy.

The ‘Big 5’ countries – France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK – do not compete in the semi-finals, but it was decided at random which of the two countries to vote on.

The exact running order will be determined by the producers at a later date.


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