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Many places serve great food. But not many have made me rethink my relationship with a dish or have the potential to change the discussion of one of the most popular imports on the Houston kitchen scene in recent years.

Chicken kebab has been a staple of the Heights food scene for years, but Big Bite on Washington Avenue and its Palestinian kebab could be well positioned to capture a unique market share while serving Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes that appeal to a wider audience.

Similar to when I lived in Europe and didn’t know that “kebab” and “kebab” have completely different meanings, I was almost embarrassed that I didn’t know that Palestine had its own kebab technique.

But there is indeed a difference between what you can get at Big Bite and what you can get at Halal Guys, which is delicious nonetheless. So I was asked at the window if I would like to try a simple piece of doner kebab straight off the skewer to see how it’s flavored without drizzling Greek yogurt or tahini-based sauce over it.

I could clearly taste the fragrant sumac spice mix that uses dried and ground berries from the wild sumac blossom. It has a flavor profile that is reminiscent of cloves and cranberries. The onions served with the shawarma are also marinated in sumac. And the tahini sauce with garlic created a creamy and spicy contrast.

When a food truck is committed to quality over quantity, it can be a sign that it is searching the market to see if a stationary location is feasible.

You can have falafel, gyros, and chicken served over salad or rice, or in a wrap. It will be interesting to learn if Big Bite’s Palestinian take on these classics, as well as its grape leaves and hummus, are up to par with its kebab.

But based on this small sample size, I’d suggest it is worth trying.

Big bite

Address: 5335 Washington Avenue.

Dining options: Take away

Hours: 17: 00-1: 00 Wednesday-Thursday, 17: 00-4: 00 Friday-Saturday, 17: 00-1: 00 Sunday

Entrance fees: $ 7.50- $ 11.99

Child friendly: Yes

Senior discount: no

Alcohol: no

Healthy options: Salad ($ 5.99)

Star of the show: Chicken shawarma over rice

Evaluation: 4 out of 5 bites


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