Here’s what it takes to become a chef at Benihana


Before we get into how to become a Benihana chef, we must first discuss the “why” factor. Corresponding The bustleBenihana’s founder, a Japanese-American playboy named Hiroaki “Rocky” Aoki, knew Americans loved spectacle (and believe us — Aoki, an enthusiast of a fast-and-loose lifestyle that included cocaine, speedboats, and backgammon, he knew what spectacle), so he encouraged his chefs to put on a little “show” for guests while they waited for their food.

Per ZipRecruiter, you must have a handful of qualifications to attain such a job. This includes extensive knowledge or experience of Japanese cuisine and in a Japanese restaurant. In addition to cooking skills, communication and customer service skills are required as you will naturally deal with many customers in your work area. Not only are they trained by other chefs, but according to a former chef via Reddit, you will learn many techniques and tricks on the job. Of course you need to know how to use a knife and cook food, but you need to work your way up first.

If you want to learn some of the tricks of the trade without committing yourself to a Benihana’s career, you can take the restaurant Be the cook Class where you’ll learn everything from how to make fried rice to how to flip shrimp.


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