How Nusret Gokce became the world’s best food entertainer


Nusret Gokce’s passion and unique approach to cooking have made him one of the greatest food entertainers of all time.

Nusret Gokce, known as “Salt Bae”, is a popular Turkish cook, entertainer and restaurateur. This unique personality first became known for its rather unorthodox preparation and seasoning of meat, which culminated in a popular “Internet meme” in 2017. The passionate professional chef is the proud owner of “Nusr-Et”, a chain of luxury steakhouses that are in popular locations such as Beverly Hills in the United States, Dubai and even London to name a few.

Not everything went smoothly for the popular Turkish chef, as his rise to the top of fame and fortune was riddled with challenging situations that presented themselves in both his personal and professional life. However, the creative culinary genius managed to overcome all adversities through his rather appealing cooking techniques and unmatched passion for food, which in turn was well received by the large and spirited gourmand community, which made him one of the most popular and influential chefs the world has ever seen.

Salt Baes robust upbringing

Realizing the dream: Salt Baes own steakhouse

2010 was a special one for Nusret Gokcebecause this year marked the beginning of the vast culinary empire of the famous Turkish chef. At the age of 27, Salt Bae opened the doors to his very first steakhouse called “Nusr-Et”. It was a rather humble establishment with eight tables and ten employees, but it was the quality of the tiny steak house that changed its fate forever.

Overwhelmed by the exquisite culinary experience from Nusret and his tiny team, a wealthy Turkish businessman invested in the burgeoning business, giving Nusret the freedom to expand its business in areas such as Dubai, Doha and even Ankara and giving the Middle East a passionate taste of the ‘Nusr-Et’ moniker .

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The beginning of something special: the infamous clip “Ottoman Steak”

The development of the nickname “Salt Bae” received enormous momentum with this only 36-second video that Nusret published on the popular social media portal Instagram. The outstanding video clip entitled “Ottoman Steak” shows the famous Turkish chef demonstrating his uncanny ability to cut a steak on the bone and ending this rather skilful slaughter with his typical salt coating.

Nusret’s path to fame and fortune was inevitably set on fire when renowned singer Bruno Mars showed all his excitement by sharing an overnight sensation showing Salt Bae’s passionate take on culinary art on popular social media portal Twitter.

Establish an inheritance

Salt Bae’s infamous slaughtering arts and patented salt spreading technique are sure to take the internet by storm. This immense notoriety led the talented Turkish chef to open thirteen more Luxury steakhouses worldwide, from Abu Dhabi to Miami. With a strong workforce of over 600 employees and several celebrities like Drake, P Diddy and even DJ Khaled giving it their seal of approval, Salt Bae can quickly become one of the most successful and influential restaurateurs the world has ever seen.

Salt Bae’s culinary journey is inspiring to say the least. The talented Turkish chef is a definite example of how hard work is the foundation of success. His pure passion and love for the art of cooking make him one of the most popular and accomplished restaurateurs the world has ever seen. His impressive track record can also be attributed to the power of social media, with his unique skills and unorthodox cooking techniques finding an established platform, further underscoring his immense popularity and global reach. The chef’s hard work is still stronger than ever, and the luxury steakhouse chain ‘Nusr-Et’ looks to a rather rosy and optimistic future.

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