How to craft and where to find crafting recipes


elden ring deviates from the traditional features and mechanisms of Dark Souls and the same. It introduces many new additions to improve the game while staying true to the Souls formula. Such unprecedented inclusions build on the overall experience, giving players more to do than slay vile enemies. Implementing a crafting system, for example, creates an entirely new element of the game for players to explore.

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This crafting system by elden ring allows players to create a variety of items that will benefit them on their journey through the Lands Between. This ability to craft specific goods is extremely beneficial as it allows players to craft much-needed items whenever they want instead of depending on a vendor. Instead, players must gather the necessary materials for an item and set to work. Therefore, players should thoroughly understand the crafting system in order to use it effectively. So without further ado Here’s how to craft in elden ring.


Acquire a crafting set

Elden Ring Split Image Purchase a crafting set

As with many things in elden ring, the ability to craft is not inherent to players at the beginning. Instead, they need to get hold of an item called the Crafting Kit, which luckily is available early. Upon arrival in Limgrave, players will need to venture to the Church of Elleh, which is not too far from where players begin their journey. However, players should be careful when traveling there as the Tree Warden patrols nearby and tries to prevent anyone from approaching the Earth Tree.

After the perilous journey, players will discover a merchant in the Church of Elleh known as Merchant Kale who buys and sells various goods. He stocks numerous items, including a crafting kit that players can purchase for a price of 300 runes. With this item in their possession, players can craft infinitely. Acquiring such a useful skill is worth the cost.

How to craft things

Elden Ring crafting menu

Now that players have the crafting kit, there is a new item crafting option in their menu. Selecting this section will open a crafting menu where players can view the items they can craft and the materials required. To craft, players must select an item they wish to craft and confirm their choice, provided they have the appropriate resources. Within moments, players will learn how to use and navigate the crafting system. Thus, the procurement of materials is the only challenge of crafting.

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Should an item require additional materials, the crafting menu will display them and even provide clues as to their location. With a little intuition and exploration, players can easily find the sources of these resources and grab what they need. Players can gather most of the materials by looting the Lands Between or by defeating enemies. However, some resources can be far more valuable and as such can be found in select locations or be difficult to acquire. With time and experience, players will learn the sources of most materials.

Where to find crafting recipes

Elden Ring Split Image Where to find crafting recipes

With the purchase of the crafting kit, players will get some boring crafting recipes. They allow players to create important items that will serve them throughout the game. Despite this, players can purchase other crafting recipes that allow them to craft standout items not previously available. Players can obtain recipes through game progression or by using items known as cookbooks.

Cookbooks are consumable items that provide players with multiple crafting recipes. Typically, these recipes teach players how to craft items of a specific type. For example, a Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook reveals crafting recipes for combat and support items. As such, some cookbooks prove more beneficial to certain classes or playstyles. Players can acquire cookbooks by buying them from vendors, looting enemies, or discovering them in the Lands Between.

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