How to Make South Indian Banana Leaf Thali; Simple recipes inside


The tradition of eating food on banana leaves is nothing new. You must have noticed many authentic South Indian restaurants that serve food on banana leaves. Have you ever wondered why? Well, that’s because eating banana leaves is seen as a healthy and promising practice. Banana leaves are also rich in antioxidants called polyphenols, which are also found in green tea and some leafy greens. These antioxidants are said to prevent a variety of diseases. With that in mind, here we bring you some easy recipes that represent an authentic South Indian meal. So be ready to impress your family this weekend with this delicious thali recipe. Just look.

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Here are 5 South Indian recipes to put together a South Indian thali:

Bele Saaru (South Indian Dal)

Bele means Dal and Saaru means Soup. This recipe is basically a clear dal-based soup made in Karnataka, specifically the Udupi region. Similar to Rasam, it has a liquid consistency and can be consumed as is. To prepare this, all you have to do is cook dal with tomatoes, ginger and co. and add a tadka made of mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves and more. That’s all. Click here for the full recipe.


When speaking of South Indian food, it is incomplete without mentioning the signature sambar. Sambar is a classic South Indian vegetarian legume and vegetable stew and is perhaps one of the tastiest dishes in this cuisine. Click here for Sambar’s recipe.


cabbage poriyal

Poriyal is generally made with mashed vegetables, urad dal, and onions. You can literally cook Poriyal in so many ways. For example Potato Poriyal, Vazakai Poriyal, Muttakos Poriyal and so on! Here we bring you a cabbage poriyal recipe that is ready in just 20 minutes. You can find the full cabbage poriyal recipe here.

Lemon rice

Here we bring you another simple recipe. Lemon rice is certainly one of those dishes that’s packed with flavor! The best thing about this dish is that you can make it in just 20 minutes. All you need to prepare this recipe is cooked rice, lemon juice, peanuts, and some South Indian spices like curry leaves, mustard seeds, and more. You can find the full lemon rice recipe here.

Vermicelli upma

Semiya Payasam

No thali is ever complete without desserts. So here we bring you a super creamy, delicious and delicious South Indian dessert that is also very easy and quick to make. Vermicelli sautéed golden in ghee, topped with cashews and raisins and cooked with milk. Click here for the full recipe of Semiya Payasam.

Add rice papad, raita and some salad and your South Indian Banana Leaf Thali is ready to be enjoyed! Give it a try and let us know how everyone liked it!


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