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As anticipated, State Street Market, the huge new food hall in Los Altos, officially opens its doors today, September 7th – an award-winning design company and an all-star line-up of chefs – it promises to be the tech -Turning Tony City into a restaurant suitable for Silicon Valley. Step inside for a first look at the cavernous space, from the tile details to the covered paseo. Then you will get a first taste of the different menus, starting with flatbreads from the wood-fired oven, oysters and cocktails, to pork belly bao and butter chicken in the next few months.

The award-winning architecture firm Gensler expanded the ambitious 33,000 square meters and combined a dining hall, an adjoining restaurant and bar, as well as offices on the upper floor. A former mid-century grocery store has been upgraded, brightened, and redesigned in a Spanish colonial style, bringing the vision to life with white stucco, wrought iron, wooden beams, and an eclectic mix of patterned tiles. The State Street entrance has been moved back a good 12 feet for inviting outdoor seating in the front. With doors on both sides, the glazed glass entrance is centered on the cocktail bar, allowing guests to enter a two-story dome room with tall windows. Food stalls surround the hall with communal seating in the middle. If you stroll to a back corner, an arched paseo connects the restaurant and bar, plus more outdoor seating and parking.

Patricia Chang

State Street Market front sign

Patricia Chang

Cocktail bar at State Street Market

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Community seating at State Street Market

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The Food Hall will eventually have nearly a dozen vendors, and about half will be ready to open today, starting with the original concepts from Los Altos Community Investments and Bon Appetit Management Company:

Banks & Braes is a wood fire grill, served a smoky menu of flatbreads with pesto and bubbly cherry tomatoes or Italian sausage and caramelized onions as well as rotisserie chicken rubbed with herbs. Ostro is the seafood bar, with A menu with the best coastal oysters, king salmon nicoise, halibut ceviche, caviar and a few decadent plateaus. Cereals & Vegetables serves Salads and bowls, filled with curry cauliflower and chickpeas or glazed pumpkin goat cheese. and Murdochs is the cocktail bar at the front, which serves cocktails, wine and beer “Pasture boards“With cheese and sausages and a brioche burger. Click through to see the full menus.

As already announced, there is also an exciting line-up of star chefs who will present various concepts in the coming months:

Bao Bei is a counter by Michael and Meichih Kim, formerly owned by the Michelin-starred Maum in Palo Alto, which is due to open for the first time in mid-September. Bao Bei is a Chinese nickname for the couple’s six-year-old son and theirs new fast casual menu should “be multicultural … present our backgrounds in an entertaining way,” says Meichih. “It is influenced by how we eat at home and how we mix Taiwanese and Korean flavors.”

They serve three different types of bao: a shrimp croquette that is both fried and filled with a shrimp mousse; spicy pork belly glazed in Gochujang with marinated cucumber and peanut powder; and fried chicken with hot honey mustard and sweet pickled daikon. There are also two pasta dishes: Dan Dan Mian spicy peanut noodles with minced pork, fresh spring onions and coriander; and a Seolleongtang beef noodle soup in a 24-hour bone broth with brisket, knuckle and a soft egg. Finally, a matured soy panna cotta for dessert hits the black sugar syrup madness, and toasted rice cream tops the top.

Bao Bei counter in State Street Market

Patricia Chang

The Kims in front of Bao Bei at State Street Market

Patricia Chang

Bao in Bao Bei on State Street Market

Patricia Chang

Dan Dan Mien noodles in the State Street Market

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Little blue door is a counter owned by chef Srijith Gopinathan and restaurateur Ayesha Thapar from Michelin-starred Taj Campton and Ettan, due to open this fall. As Gopinathan previously shared with Eater SF, he looks forward to further spreading his signature Californian cuisine across the peninsula to reach more families. The “no-frills” menu includes around 15 dishes, from familiar buttered chicken and chickpea choles to riffs on favorite dishes from Ettan and more market-inspired dishes: with Eater SF he is looking forward to bringing his signature Cal-Indian cuisine further down the peninsula to reach more families. The “no frills” menu includes around 15 dishes, from the well-known butter chicken and chickpea chole, riffs on favorite dishes from Ettan, to more market-inspired dishes: a crispy cauliflower patty on a soft roll with fresh salad and spicy sauce; “Sesame on sesame” pakora donuts with mint chutney, tahini and tamarind honey; Curry idli rice dumplings, lightly cooked in ghee and topped with chutney powder; and a frozen dessert “Kulfeddo”, which crosses Kulfi and Semifreddo for a cheesy ice cream treat.

Kerala Fried Chicken at Little Blue Door in the State Street Market

Little blue door

Coconut prawns at Little Blue Door in the State Street Market

Little blue door

Still to come: El Alto, the attached restaurant of Traci Des Jardins, formerly Jardiniere, which will open at a later date. Stay tuned for these separate menu details. In addition to the full-service restaurant, El Alto Jr. will be a more kid-friendly counter in the Food Hall itself, serving the new Impossible Chicken Nuggets with tiny fries, barbecue sauce, and fruit and vegetable sticks, among other delicacies.

State Street Market opens Tuesday, September 7th for alfresco and takeaway dining. Opening times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Thursday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and closed on Mondays.



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