It sounds dangerous (and it is), but it works


How would a laser beam based lawnmower work? Here is this strange and dangerous experiment.

Online audiovisual platforms allow us to find many tricks related to daily life. There are endless channels dedicated to cooking or DIY, 2 tasks that require talent or at least a model to look at, There are personalities with millions of followers in a space like YouTube. Without going any further, remember the lego motorbike that the nice guy from Wisset built a few weeks ago.

Today we brought for you an invention that is directly related to the care of our garden. If you live in a house you may notice how weeds or just the garden follow a process of disproportionate growth. Regular maintenance is required, so use it A lawn mower can be very useful Based on the current ground surface. The current tools are pretty efficient, but if you want something more personal, Youtuber rctestflight presents you a laser cutter.

Let’s see, so why is this a new idea On the other hand, it doesn’t have to be popular. After all, it’s a potential tool that can cause all sorts of injuries. It has enough power to cause burns of varying degrees. At Urban Techno we recommend resorting to techniques already established if we want the grass to be kept at a certain height.

This is a lawn mower that uses a laser to cut grass

Manufacturing a mower using this technique requires the use of a conventional mower. However, what really gets the job done is the built-in option at the top. Assembled from LEGO parts, the laser technology is made directly from a beam unit fired with a CNC cutting machine. It’s important to point out that this type of innovation It has 40W. is the power ofThat’s about 8,000 times more than a traditional laser, which we’ve all used before.

The aim is to project a beam of light onto the originally fixed surface. Everything between the transmitter and receiver is affected by heat. At these power levels it is possible to burn the blade of grass, making it possible to cut it straight or simply. burn the top of the lawn, If a rotating surface is also added, a very considerable radius of action is possible. However, it is important to note that this beam of light will burn anything in its path.

Because of this, it is a very dangerous option if not utilized through a number of preventive measures. Remember that it can burn, so stay away from this device when it’s working. According to the Gizmodo portal, there are several limitations with this technique. The most obvious of them is directly related to the canvas itself.

Shooting this laser is as dangerous as it is effective. Image: youtube rctestflight

With the aim of improving the aspirations of this curious innovation, it was later decided to create it a remote control vehicle, The aim is to maintain the condition of the garden appropriately. However, given the danger behind it, this seems unlikely.


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