“It’s a shame that many tourist attractions don’t open at Easter”


The executive director of North Wales Tourism says it is a “great shame” that many attractions and most of the hospitality industry are not open at Easter.

Jim Jones said there was a real sense of frustration from companies battered by the pandemic.

He accused the Welsh government of neglecting the sector’s requests for a proper roadmap for a return to something near normal.

As of tomorrow (Saturday), the “stay-local” rules in Wales will be lifted and unlimited travel within its borders will be allowed.

This means Wales will be the first UK nation to lift travel restrictions within national borders since the locks were re-imposed over the winter.

Independent accommodation providers can then also be opened.

However, non-essential travel to and from other UK countries will be banned for at least two weeks.

Mr Jones said: “It is excellent news that we are slowly on the right track as we are slowly starting to open up the sector across Wales, but it is a great shame that many of our attractions and hospitality are not open at Easter.

“There is still real and palpable frustration in the industry as it feels that the Welsh government has not listened to the mood on the ground. If so, then we have a plan to evolve after April.

“It is very difficult to understand why they are not planning this, especially since the other three home nations have now done so.

“Perhaps, on behalf of the First Minister, it is a matter of pride that he wants to stick to his agenda of not changing his mind even if the evidence and feedback tell him otherwise. I really do not know it.

“But he has to recognize that when people run a company, they need time to plan. You now have very few resources, which makes things a lot more difficult.

“At North Wales Tourism, we have continued to offer advice and guidance to the Welsh Government on behalf of the sector throughout this pandemic. But it doesn’t seem to be of any use.

“We do know, however, that dates will be announced at some point based on the success of the vaccine launch and the reduction in cases.

“In the meantime, the sector needs even more targeted financial support to support the recovery. Do not be under any illusions, this will still be a very hard and bumpy road for many companies in the future. “

The Welsh Government has been asked for an opinion.

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