Kathal Korma, Kathal Biryani and More: 5 Delicious Kathal Recipes for Lunch Menu


Lunch is a meal we all look forward to. It helps fuel our bodies with essential nutrients in the middle of the day and allows us to stay energized for the rest of the day. And when it comes to deciding what to eat for lunch, we’re spoiled for choice! From a variety of sabzis to delicious curries and dals, the list is endless. One such Sabzi that is often overlooked is Kathal. Kathal, also known as jackfruit, is a type of tropical fruit. It has an interesting fleshy texture resembling that of meat. This summer fruit may not look all that appealing from the outside, but it’s packed with nutrients and can be used in a variety of dishes. Today we bring you a list of 5 delicious Kathal Recipes that you can make for your next lunch. They are easy to prepare and taste just as good as any other dish. Let’s get to the recipes:

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Here is a list of 5 delicious Kathal recipes that you must try:

1. Kathal Korma (Our recommendation)

Korma is a dish loved by everyone. This Kathal Korma recipe has an interesting texture of the jackfruit chunks and is packed with Mughlai flavors. It tastes just as delicious as any other non-veg korma recipe. You can find the recipe here.

2. Kathal Biryani

Who doesn’t love a plate of biryani? Like any other biryani, kathal biryani is cooked dum-style and has a blend of flavorful spices. It’s a healthy lunch and you can serve it with some raita or chutney to enjoy its flavor. You can find the recipe here.

Kathal Biryani

3. Kathal Ke Kebab

Kathal ke kebabs are a great substitute for chicken and mutton kebabs. Popularly eaten in Uttar Pradesh, they are made with boiled chana, soft kathal pieces and aromatic spices. You can find the recipe here.


4. Panasa Puttu Kora

Another must-try Kathal recipe is Panasa Puttu Koora. It is a raw jackfruit curry cooked in aromatic masalas and tamarind water Andhra style. Serve with some hot sambar and steamed rice for a weekday lunch. You can find the recipe here.

5. Kathal Ki Sabzi

Kathal ki sabzi is usually eaten as is. In this recipe, kathal is cooked in a north Indian style hot sauce. It is made from unripe jackfruit, which is cooked in a variety of masalas and simmered with tomatoes to form a thick gravy. It tastes best when served with hot chapati or paratha. You can find the recipe here.

Try these Kathal recipes and tell us which one is your favorite!


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