KC restaurant openings and closings for December 2021


Large house

Speaking of ambitious new bars, Westport is in the process of getting a thirteen thousand square foot nightclub called Fountain House, which “will add a new option to the area’s already vibrant LGBTQIA nightlife”.

The club is a “multi-level, multi-experience and multi-concept entertainment venue” in the former Hopcat with four unique rooms: The Pump Room, The Cube, the Rooftop Pool Deck and The Siren Speakeasy. “Each area has its own atmosphere thanks to its design and programming,” says a press release on the project.

The Fountain House has plans for brunch.

New crown

In addition to major changes in Westport – more on that below – this is also a season of changes at the Crown Center.

Zaina is moving from a downtown area to the first level of the mall near Burnt Dnd BBQ. They will continue to serve Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Greek cuisine.
Spokes Café & Cyclery will open its third location in Kansas City on the lobby level.

The bike-themed café offers a breakfast and lunch menu of coffee, pastries, breakfast burritos, and the like. The space will have outdoor seating overlooking Crown Center Square.

Photo courtesy of Zaina

One after 303

The owner of Westports Bistro 303, a popular gay cafe and nightspot, is opening an “eclectic new restaurant” described in a press release [that] offers varied cuisine from different ethnic cultures ”next door.

The Peacock will be in its original Ragazza location at 301 Westport Road. It’s a tiny room, only eight hundred square feet, and only seats forty-eight people. The idea is to have a “playfully challenging room”, say the owners Jeffrey Schmitz and Gene Switzer, who run Bistro 303 next door.

Chef Brian Mehl created The Peacock menu “with diversity in mind”. Flour was the original cook at Plate in Brookside, having previously been to the Pressed Penny Tavern in Westport and The Classic Cup Cafe in the Country Club Plaza. The extensive menu has Thai, African and Middle Eastern influences.

Photo courtesy Page Communications

Guys and joe

Beloved Westport pizza-by-the-slice seller Joe closed abruptly after Halloween, but it wasn’t long before a new concept took off. Local snack chip company Guy’s Snacks will take over the windows at Kelly’s Westport Inn and across Pennsylvania Avenue. Guy promises to bring back the pizza made to the same recipe while adding deli sandwiches. The new name is Guy’s Deli at Kelly’s.

Guy’s wasn’t immediately available for further comment, but this is undoubtedly welcome news for the Westport bar-goers who have always relied on Joe’s to drink the booze at the end of the night and save perhaps hundreds of thousands of nasty hangovers. Guy’s is based in Overland Park and is spread across the Midwest. Their unique offerings include bagged chips flavored with the mix found on the fries at Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que.

Stock up

Kansas City’s Stockyards Brewing Co. will open an offshoot in Overland Park, the Shawnee Mission Post reported.

The Overland Park Planning Commission voted to approve a special-use permit for a brewery near 103rd Street and US 69 Highway in a complex that houses a Skate City roller-coaster.

It’s a huge twenty-five thousand square meter room that will have not only a brewery and taproom, but also a fully equipped kitchen and terrace.

Bell of the ball

Thanks to Canary, a pop-up bar is coming to Midtown for Christmas this December. And it won’t be your typical Christmas pop-up. “We want the people of Canary to have a vacation experience,” says owner Keely Edgington. “It will be like your cool aunt, who lives with her thirty-year-old partner in Hyde Park, is hosting her vacation.”

The Silver Bell Supper Club will be decked out with garlands, snowflakes and paper ornaments instead of the gaudy decorations traditionally found in Christmas pop-up bars. Edgington wants an atmosphere that is “warm and bright”. The pop-up menu features eight new drinks, including an espresso martini called No Sleep ’til Christmas, made with vanilla and coffee liqueurs, vodka, and oat milk.

Photo by Ashley Elwell of Threethree Photography

Godfather II

The last major reopening after the pandemic that we expect in the city took place in mid-November. Lazia, the standout Italian venue at the Crossroads Hotel, is back with a godfather’s vengeance. With travel still inhibited, hotel restaurants have been slow to return. Lazia, who redesigned its menu and dining room during recess, took a little longer than others.

The menu is, as one staff member put it, “a little different,” with a cocktail menu that uses amaro a lot and a wood-burning stove in the lobby that makes great pizzas. They also make mozzarella at the table.

Employee photo

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