KCC introduces three face-to-face cultural courses


Traditional Korean dance class

The fun never stops here at the Korean Cultural Center (KCC) in the Philippines as the center unveils its fresh and new lineup for its July 20th cultural classes.

KCC is introducing its Cooking Class, Korean Traditional Dance Class and Taekwondo Class, all of which will be held at its new building. The classes were chosen due to the high demand from both visitors to the center and the interest of the general public.

The cooking class will be led by KCC teacher Lily Min, who has also led the previous cooking classes. The course will take place in KCC’s new Cooking Classroom and will have 16 students per class.

The curriculum will touch on various Korean cooking techniques as well as Korean history and social culture through food. Interested participants can choose the menu for 8 weeks in which they would like to participate when registering. KCC Instructor Kim Hyo Jun, President of the Korea Taekwondo Association in the Philippines, will lead the Taekwondo class.

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Korean cooking class

Korean cooking class

The course will take place in KCC’s new K-Studio and will teach a total of 30 students. There will be two sessions of Taekwondo classes on Saturday and 30 students will take a placement test on the first day to split the group into two sessions. It will touch on the deep-rooted disciplines and martial arts centered in Korean culture. This includes strengthening the mind and body and learning the etiquette involved.

Finally, the traditional Korean class will be taught by KCC teacher Jo Jang Eun, who has taught the previous traditional dance classes. The class will be held in KCC’s new K-Studio, just like the Taekwondo class, and will teach a total of 15 students on Saturday.

There will be one session per week and the curriculum will touch on the history and social culture of Korea through its music and dance, particularly buchaechum or “fan dance” which has influences from traditional Korean folk dances.

All cultural courses take place from July 20th to September 17th. Students will be selected after the first application using forms that will be posted on the official KCC Facebook accounts on July 13 at 10am

No student pays any fees for the entire duration of the lesson, and the materials needed for the lesson, such as ingredients, uniforms, and equipment, are also provided by the center. KCC also currently offers free Korean language courses with a hybrid setup.


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