Kung Fu Recap: Season 3 Episode 2 “Risk”


In “Risk,” Mei-Li must make a difficult decision regarding Harmony Dumplings while Pei-Ling struggles to remember how she got home from the realm. Althea receives an offer from prosecutors she can’t refuse, and Nicky reunites with Bo to help put a dangerous adversary behind bars. Read on to find out what happened in the latest episode of kung fu!

Hard bargain

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As part of an attempt to recover from the earthquake, Mei-Li and Jin discuss partnering with a restaurant investment group. The duo who are sent to negotiate negotiate harshly, with one insulting essentially every aspect of their business. Not wanting to give up control of her business, Mei-Li rejects the deal.

But the other employee, Carrie, takes a different approach. She assures Mei-Li that the reason the company was even interested was the quality of her food and the dining experience. She gives her pointers on how to negotiate what she wants. In the end, with Carrie’s help, Mei-Li gets the deal she deserves to save the restaurant.

Mostly dead is still a little alive

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Zhilan wanders through an abandoned realm. But she is not alone for long: a young warrior gathers firewood in a ravine below. A hooded figure approaches behind her with a sword and Zhilan tries to warn her, but it’s too late. The dark warrior hits the woman with his sword and her eyes glow purple before disappearing. Zhilan hides and just as the warrior is about to find her, someone pulls her from behind.

That someone is Simon, who is less than thrilled that the person he saved is also his killer. He tells her that the warrior is known as The Harvester – he hunts down every soul in this realm, one at a time. Zhilan shares that she thought she was alone in hell when she woke up and begs him to let her stay, even apologizing for his death. But Simon doesn’t trust her and he has to protect his own crew. They split up.

But the Harvester comes for Simon and Zhilan saves him. Despite being struck by the blade, she is alive. Simon realizes the reason for this: Zhilan never died in the other realm, so she was dragged here alive. Zhilan is not dead, but she is trapped.

Caught between the worlds

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Evan has good news and bad news for Althea. Good: The prosecution is ready to drop the criminal charges against them. Bad: In return, Althea cannot use the internet for a whole year. While helping Nicky and Ryan, she tries to decide whether or not to take the deal. Hacking and her computer skills are her identity, though Evan tries to reassure her that she’s worth more than that.

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Pei-Ling still doesn’t know how she came into our world or where she got her mysterious necklace from. Nicky tries to reassure her that they can find out in time – she’s just glad to have her back. Pei-Ling meditates and remembers seeing Zhilan’s body in the other realm, which worries her.

Nicky worries that Xiao is using Pei-Ling to return to our world. She enlists the help of Althea and Ryan as they still need to go through Xiao’s old notes. Ryan decides to take a look while Althea focuses on finding out who tried to bomb the two. He finds out that Xiao had the gift of shifting between worlds, which would explain why she ended up in the afterlife in the first place. Nicky shares a drawing of the necklace Pei-Ling wears to see if the symbol rings anything.

Ryan finds out that the necklace was intended as a tether to help Xiao bring the risen Emperor back with him. In theory, destroying the trailer should send Xiao back if she used it to hitchhike to Earth with Pei-Ling. But the two fear that it could also send Pei-Ling back.

Anthony gives a speech to the community, but Jin has asked questions about the promises the mayor didn’t keep. Another woman stands up to speak about the increase in robberies and security concerns and gets the crowd on her side by saying that without “that girl” they would be in big trouble. After the meeting, a man approaches them and is informed that “the Shen girl” is the one keeping crime in check. Jin apologizes to Anthony for starting the discussion, but Anthony says the criticism had to come. He explains that the Crime Act, Ordinance 11, would give up control of their community and he is unwilling to do so. He asks Jin to help him connect with the community and get them to trust him.

Evan and Althea find out that the bombing was the brainchild of Max, the man from the meeting and a disaster consultant whose job it is to cause chaos after disasters to generate profits. The recent crime wave was orchestrated by him to help pass the crime bill. A few keystrokes later, Althea has enough evidence to prove his involvement in gang activities.

But Max gets to Althea first and forces her out of the bar where she was supposed to meet Dennis. Max wants her to delete the files linking him to the gang activity. Bo, Dennis, Evan and Nicky work to counter Althea’s maneuvers to find her while she in turn outwits Max’s gang. When he is about to kill her, the lights go out and she is able to run away.

It’s Nicky and Bo who quickly deal with the gang. While the previous evidence has been erased, Althea’s kidnapping and attempted murder is more than enough to put Max behind bars. She tells Dennis about the deal with the DA, noting that if she can get through this, she can get through anything. Nicky thanks Bo for his help and he says he did it because he likes her.

Justine Yeung/The CW

Pei-Ling and Nicky talk and both decide that to stop Xiao they must destroy the necklace. They share an emotional goodbye while destroying the necklace, but Pei-Ling is fine. To celebrate, Nicky goes out with Bo and they kiss.

Find the compass

In Cyprus, Henry meets with Grant Harrison about the compass. While Grant doesn’t initially believe he is Danny’s son, Henry convinces him by knowing important details. They realize that while the search in China was a dead end, the artifact could have ended up in Iceland. You travel there and find it, and it reacts to Henry by lighting up. Grant is killed by a sniper and Henry is forced to run as guards rush in.

you can catch kung fu on Wednesday nights in its new timeslot at 9 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. CT on The CW. As always, stay tuned to all of our coverage here and stay tuned for more updates!

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