Kyodo News Digest: September 30, 2021


Below is the latest list of selected news summaries from Kyodo News.


All spectators other than residents of China will be banned from the Beijing Games

GENEVA – The International Olympic Committee on Wednesday unveiled a basic list of preventive measures against the spread of the novel coronavirus at the Beijing Games this coming February, including a ban on all spectators except for residents of mainland China.

The IOC decision means overseas viewers will not be able to attend the Winter Games due to the pandemic after a similar move was taken at the Tokyo Games this summer.


US seeks close ties with next Japanese prime minister amid rivalry between China

WASHINGTON – US President Joe Biden is keen to strengthen ties with Japan under the likely next Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, a senior government official said Wednesday after the former foreign minister was elected as the new leader of the Japanese ruling party.

“The United States attaches great importance to the US-Japan alliance, which serves as the cornerstone of peace, security and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific and around the world,” the official said. “President Biden looks forward to working with Japan’s new Prime Minister to strengthen our collaboration in the years to come.”


North Korea’s rulers promise to reestablish hotlines with the south in October.

BEIJING – North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong Un has promised to restore cross-border lines of communication with the south from October in order to bring peace to the divided peninsula, state media reported on Thursday.

Inter-Korean communications lines were restored in July after a 13-month hiatus, but Pyongyang has not participated in regular hotline discussions with Seoul since a joint US-South Korean military exercise began in August.


Italy will host the G-20 summit to discuss Afghanistan on October 12th

ROME – Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said Wednesday that his country would hold an emergency summit of the Group of 20 leaders on October 12 to discuss the situation in Afghanistan.

The summit will be held in a virtual format, according to local media. Italy, which holds the rotating G-20 presidency, also plans to host a two-day summit in person in Rome from October 30th.


Japan’s industrial production in August is down 3.2% on the previous month

TOKYO – Japan’s industrial production declined 3.2 percent in August compared to the previous month, government data showed on Thursday, with the Department of Industry revising its base estimate of production downward.

The Department of Economy, Trade and Industry said the recovery in industrial production has “halted” compared to the view held until July that production was “picking up”.


South Korea seeks “future-oriented” relations with Japan after Kishida’s victory

SEOUL – South Korea said it would continue to work with the cabinet to be formed by former Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida as Japan’s new leader to improve “forward-looking” bilateral relations.

In addition to the brief comment from the presidential palace, South Korean news agency Yonhap said Kishida, who was foreign minister from 2012 to 2017, was known in the country for his role in an agreement between the South Korean and Japanese governments in 2015.


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