Lidia Bastianich’s Chocolate Chip Ricotta Cookies are “simple, cake-like treats in a bowl”


Fans of acclaimed Italian-American chef Lidia Bastianich know they can count on her easy-to-prepare, delicious, and fresh recipes to satisfy even the most picky of eaters.

Your chocolate chip cookies are a breeze. The chef’s unique touch gives the treats a rich but delicate texture and taste, as well as just the right amount of sweetness. As Bastianich likes to say: “tutti a tavola a mangiare! ”

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Bastianich’s new cookbook is all about simple cooking

The chef, who was born and raised on the Istrian peninsula in 1947, told us The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that her latest cookbook Lidia is a pot, pan and bowlIt is “for everyone, including beginners”. Written together with her daughter Tanya Bastianich Manuali, the recipe collection offers dishes with eggs, soups, salads, pasta, risottos, pizzas, seafood, meat, poultry and of course desserts.

“It was fun,” she said, “bringing my years of experience in large kitchens and traveling and combining it into a simple baking pan that everyone can identify with.”

Lidia Bastianich cooks with her grandson Lorenzo

Your Chocolate Chip Ricotta Biscuits

Bastianich’s chocolate ricotta biscuits are easy to make and require a stick of butter, a cup of sugar, two eggs, 250 grams of fresh ricotta cheese, a teaspoon of vanilla, two and a half cups of all-purpose flour, two teaspoons of baking powder, kosher salt, a cup of mini chocolate chips, and powdered sugar.

Butter and sugar are whipped creamy with a hand mixer at high speed. At this point the eggs, ricotta cheese, and vanilla are added to the mixture. The flour and baking powder are slowly added to the bowl with the wet ingredients and just mixed until all the ingredients are mixed. Mix in the chocolate chips with a spatula or large spoon and let the dough fall, tablespoon at a time, onto two baking sheets lined with parchment. Bake in a preheated 350-degree F oven for 20 minutes.

The cook has referred to these cookies as her “simple, cake-like treats in a bowl,” and they reflect the essence of her culinary style, as she notes in Lidia is a pot, pan and bowl: “Cooking is always fun, inviting and delicious and an expression of your love and affection for the people at your table.”

Bastianich on why “straightforward” is best in the kitchen – and why fans like it that way

Even before her latest cookbook was published, she was Lidia’s kitchen star has been loved by its followers for decades for easy-to-understand, authentic recipes that new chefs will keep in mind.

“The best things – when I really feel like I’m communicating and when I really feel like people understand – are simple, straightforward recipes,” she said Food & Wine. “I think simple is the hardest thing to achieve because you can’t hide behind all of these elements. That’s why I present simple pasta, chicken or fish dishes and demystify them. The comments I get from people are: “Lidia, you strengthen me”, “Lidia, you made me feel comfortable in the kitchen”, “Lidia, you gave me strength”. And I just love that. Because that’s what it’s all about. “

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