Local Foodie Friday: Nikki’s Greek Restaurant | entertainment


The first month of the fall semester 2021 at Oklahoma State University has ended. The students settled into their new home in Stillwater for the next three months. For both new and returning students, one of the joys of being in Stillwater is getting to explore the city and check out its local shops.

One of those local businesses is Nikki’s Greek Restaurant. Located at 610 E. McElroy Road. About a mile northwest of campus near the intersection of McElroy and Perkins, Nikki’s is a family-run restaurant serving Greek, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisine, as well as a handful of American options. The restaurant has a spacious dining room, but when guests are out, Nikki’s has a drive-through window for your convenience.

For lunch or dinner, one of the options on the menu is the gyros sandwich, a delicious mix of flatbread, gyros, tomatoes, onions, and tzatziki sauce. The meat is full of flavor and the spicy tzatziki sauce in combination with the pita and the other vegetables is a fantastic experience for the palate. Likewise, their Greek Tzatziki Sauce Salad is packed with the same flavor that their gyros sandwich offers.

Other items on Nikki’s menu include a variety of salads, chicken platters, burgers and starters, as well as specialties such as the falafel sandwich and turkey pita. Nikkis is delicious and students should definitely try more of what they have to offer.


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