Make Healthy No-Fry Besan Pakoda for Diwali Binge (Easy Recipe Inside)


Have you ever heard “healthy” and “pakoda” in the same sentence? We bet you haven’t. Pakoda has always had a reputation for being a tasty but unhealthy snack. But we’re going to change that today. Now you can enjoy your favorite snack guilt-free, without sacrificing the crunch and intense flavor Pakodas are known for. As? Here we have a recipe for No-Fry Besan Pakoda that is not only healthy but can also promote weight loss! Two for the win! With the Diwali celebrations making us give up our diet, this is the healthiest way to satisfy our cravings. Almost all pakodas are dipped in besan batter before frying. So we’re going to keep the same nutty flavor of besan and skip the frying part.

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Besan (gram flour) is high in soluble fiber and protein and is also good for diabetic diets as it has a low glycemic index. All these properties contained in this snack make it a good option for weight loss diet. The recipe for this healthy besan pakoda was shared by nutritionist Shikha Kumari on her Instagram page. Just seeing the prepared pakodas in the post’s video makes us drool. Considering it’s also healthy, none of us would be able to resist it.

Watch the video post here:

Healthy Besan Pakoda Recipe I How to make no fry besan pakoda

The best thing about this recipe is that it’s quick and easy to make. Just mix everything together and roast on tawa. For the batter for the pakoda besan, mix green chili peppers, chopped onions and season with salt, red paprika powder, ajwain powder and turmeric powder. Make sure it has a dense consistency. Then spread some ghee on the tawa, form small balls from the dough and roast on both sides on the tawa until golden brown. Crispy and crunchy pakodas are ready in no time.

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Happy and healthy Diwali 2022!

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